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This guide will help you setup an UNRAID share to be used as an steam install folder with a higher success rate than other options.


Things you will need;


a) Another drive other than C:\. (otherwise you would need to create a "fake" drive via a regedit.

b) Download this program to make a hard link, Dlinker.


1) If you haven't already, create a share on UNRAID that you wish to use for the installation and storage of your steam games. Lets call it SteamGames


2) Create a folder on another drive other than the default steam install drive (this is usually in C:\). So create a normal folder on D:\GamesFolder that we're going to use to point to the server.


3) Using the program we just downloaded, Dlinker, fill the information as shown below.

image.png.c0bacf8712fcdae20447f8fc1e660c4f.png <- This should be your UNRAID server's IP address.

SteamGames <- This should be your UNRAID share gaming share's name.

Then press 'Go!'.


4) On steam, navigate to View -> Settings. Go to the Downloads tab on the left. Then click on 'Steam Library Folders'. Add the folder we created earlier, D:\GamesFolder.


5) THAT'S IT! You may begin installing and running games normally. 

Things to Note :


- DO NOT delete the created folder D:\GamesFolder as this will also delete any files/folders to the linked share in UNRAID. There is A LOT of misinformation online about deleting this type of hard link. What I found to work best, and safest is to temporary disconnect the connection to UNRAID by unplugging the ethernet cord (or stop all network connections) and deleting it normally. This way you will not lose any information in your share. 

- If unraid is offline, your games won't show, but you can still use your steam normally and play any games that were store in other locations or your local drive. 


- Some games, won't want to install with this setup. Personally, I have only encounter this issue with 1 game using this approach. This was with 'World of Final Fantasy'. In this case, I just installed it to C:\, then moved it to the array and haven't ran into any other issues. I have over 250+ games.




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