USB failed, don't have disk assignments

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My USB failed completely and I don't have my disk assignments. I have relatively recent flash backup, but it's on the array. Somewhere along the way, I understood the data on the disks to be accessible, even if the USB fails. I thought, worst case scenario would be I have to dock each drive separately until I find the data I'm missing.

This turns out to be not the case, and/or more complicated than I realized.

I had dual parity and two ssds in a pool, and I'm able to differentiate these drives from the rest. However, not the order of assignment for anything. (Parity 1 vs Parity 2, cache drive 1 vs 2, etc.)


I have my Unraid up and running, and the registration key reassigned. At a loss for what I can do next. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Managed to recover disk assignments txt from old USB. I have the drives selected in the correct order on the Main tab. However, it's saying it will wipe my parity drives even with the "parity is valid" selected?


Afraid to pull the trigger on starting array. At some point I found an unraid FAQ about dual parity saying something about only staring it with one drive at first, but I'm unable to find it now.

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Okay, looks like crisis averted, lesson learned. Copied over new flash drive with CA backup (renamed the super.dat.CA_BACKUP to super.dat) and all appears to be well.


Is there anything else I should be wary of in this process? My flash backup appears to only be two days old. Looks like it wants to do a parity check, but otherwise I'm up and running like normal.


My only concern is with the 12 month USB key replacement. I'd much rather purchase a new flash drive and migrate to there. Does LimeTech budge on the replacement window?

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Thanks for the help you two. I'm up and running. However, something is causing the system to freeze up/stall after about eight hours. So I'm off on my next troubleshooting adventure.


Found a "Starting Over" list in the wiki, but hoping not to have to go that far. Half the "fun" is putting out these fires on one's own. If I don't get anywhere, I'll start a new topic.



Thanks again!

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