replace my old config Z8na-D6

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Good morning all,

I remind you that I am Belgian and that my language is French, I understand the technical terms of English in general, but I also use google translate.

my current configuration in Hardware level is as follows:

motherboard : Z8NA-D6

Cpu : 2 xeon X5675

Graphic card : RX580

Memory : 6 x 8gb ECC Kingston  DDR3-1333Mhz

Tower : corsair Obsidian 750D

Power : corsair RM850X

Icydock MB524SP-B  for select SSD Boot system ( Win10 - Win7 - Mojave - and cache for Unraid )

Icydock MB508SP-B for  8 x 2.5 HDD SAS 1TB 6gb/s for Unraid and control by Pike card 2008

HDD SATA : 3 x 1TB for each system data ( NTFS - EXFAT ) with ignition by a control card by switch for their start-up according to desired use .


Example of use Win 10 full power CPU and memory


MB524SP-B , i use first SSD only with Win10 system and power 1 HDD sata 1TB ( NTFS) 


Example of use Mojave full power CPU and memory


MB524SP-B , i use only second SSD with OSX Mojave system and power 1 HDD sata 1TB ( Exfat or APFS )


Example of use UNRAID : NAS , VM , etc …


Usb drive + MB524SP-B , i use only the fourth SSD for cache  and MB508SP-B with 8 HDD SAS


now this configuration dates and I would like to be able to change it so, I look on your forum and also on the hackintosh forum to choose my new hardware, but it is not obvious in what I want to work and re-use a good part , especially my icydock  MB508 SP-B and the 3 modes of use described.


I would also like to be able to make some changes like being able to have 2 graphics cards to assign them to VMs, I have 2 RX580 8gb and GTX1060 6gb in stock.

in the choice of the motherboard I will turn to use Nvme if possible for the unraid cache and the OS (win10 and OSX) via the choice of the boot.

the choice of brands is difficult especially at the price level. Gigabyte prefers it for their habit of using them in the hackintosh domain, but there is also Asrock which is there, and we go from simple to double the price.


here is the idea of the new config:


CPU Ryzen 9 5950X

Memory : hyper X Predator 64GB ( 4 x 16gb ) 3600 cl12

Graphic card : RX580 + ( RX580 or GTX1060 ) 

Nvme : not yet chosen in brand and capacity for (win10, OSX, Unraid cache)

Cold :  Noctua NH-U14S TR4-SP3 140 mm U-Type


Motherboard , 

the most difficult choice given the price difference, I need your help for those who have these cards


Gigabyte TRX40 Aorus Master : price 660 euro   ( i think ideal  quality / price and compatibility )

Gigabyte TRX40 Aorus Xtreme : price 1060 euro  ( very expensive for me )

ASRock TRX40 Creator TRX4 ATX  : price  555 euro 



I think I presented my idea and what I am looking for, but I await your return , best regards Philippe


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Ryzen 5950X was AM4 socket not TR4 socket.


About mainboard, I usually use high CP one, seldom choice high price if those extra feature not my need.


Ryzen / TR have a unique feature, a SATA controller also provide by CPU, *SOME* mainboard will use this for M2, it quite useful for multi boot and passthrough environment, you can individual disable/enable it in BIOS. So you may have 3 individual SATA controller in platform ..... but it really a looser if compare to NVMe, no matter of price and speed.

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hello, Vr2lo


sorry it's my error,  you are absolutely right and thank you for your interest in my new challenge.

which then brings me to the aorus X570 card as a choice, is that correct?


Gigabyte X570 AORUS MASTER. :  460 euro.

The problem is that the Pcie ports are 16x and 8x and 4x, so problems with my 2 graphics cards and in addition I don't know how to add a Pcie-SAS controller card that I need.


ASRock X570 Creator : 580 euro

the Pcie ports are 16x and 8x and 4x, but I know how to place my 2 graphics cards and in addition I know how to add a Pcie-SAS controller card that I need.

only 2  M.2 but 8 sata


ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming X : 400 euro 


I think it fulfills all my criteria: 2 graphics cards + 1 SAS controller and 8 sata HDD and 2 M.2. ( M.2 i use for Win10 , OSX ) , Unraid cache on SSD 


MSI MEG X570 ACE : 430 euro 

I think it fulfills all my criteria: 2 graphics cards + 1 SAS controller and 4 sata HDD and 3 M.2 ( M.2 i use for Win10 , OSX and cache Unraid )


ASUS Pro WS X570-ACE :  365 euro

U2 , connecteur SAS ? no info


As these motherboards only have 4 slots, hope to have enough with 64 Gb DDR4 3200


Best regards Phil



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I vote for MSI MEG X570 ACE, its I/O connection better then other, Three x16 slot (x8 x8 x4) and three M2, quite moden design.


For memory, you should by 32GB module, spare two slot for upgrade to total 128GB.


When platform change, I always spend lot of time on mainboard selection, much thing need consider, sometimes really headache.

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If you really need more PCIE lanes (several discrete GPUs, HBA, etc), consumer grade plateforms will be a limiting factor since they generally only provide 20 PCIE lanes.

"Enthusiast", Workstation or Server grade platforms offer more on that front but at a generally higher price. On the other hand, you are already considering pretty expensive MBs ...

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2 hours ago, Vr2Io said:

Je vote pour MSI MEG X570 ACE, sa connexion E / S meilleure que les autres, trois slots x16 (x8 x8 x4) et trois M2, design assez moderne.


Pour la mémoire, vous devez par module de 32 Go, réserver deux emplacements pour une mise à niveau à 128 Go au total.


Lorsque la plaque-forme change, je passe toujours beaucoup de temps sur la sélection de la carte mère, beaucoup de choses à considérer, parfois vraiment un mal de tête.


I'm in the same situation as you, my head hurts to search and compare the cards,

on the other hand I will listen to your advice and switch to two 32gb strips, although I am sure that I would not need more for my utility of my 3 configurations of uses

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hello, Chat Noir



at the end of not repeating my 1 post, here is the description on which I would like to arrive.


I want a tower with unraid installed and the possibility of being able to connect to the 2 VMs that they will be installed like this: Win10 with its GTX1060 and MacOSX and its RX580  and connect with NUCs (replace my towers with intel i5 gen3 and gen4)  less space and less electricity consumption.


On Win10 I play a video game called Anno2070 for ten days a year, it needs a lot of cpu and video resources, currently it is installed on my PC equipped with an I74970K and the GTX1060 6gb for that I can have a good level of reality and responsiveness, I would like to be able to place it on the win10 VM and have access to it through the NUCs using some cores and memories and the GTX1060 in passthrough. can I believe this feasibility?


It is in the event that this is not possible that I would then go through OS in native mode and no longer through unraid if it was not possible in VM. Same thing for MacOSX and its RX580 for more specific applications and where I need more resources available in core and memories.

boot OS native on nvme (win10 and OSX) one OS by  nvme, that's why I'm looking for 3 nvme locations, the third will be the cache for Unraid from what I had read on the forum.


my Asus Z8NA-d6 is a workstation card, I have looked and I can not find this or more, unless I take a Z10PE-dw8s with still a double xeon which consumes together +/- 320W. it is not my choice, since I want to reduce the electricity consumption of all my IT, electricity in Belgium is very expensive.

that's why I turned to the Ryzen 9 which will have less consumption and less cooling need (I quit the watercooling).

you can always direct me to a choice of cards that I do not know and that would be suited to my needs.

sorry if my english is wrong turn


Best regards , phil


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