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  1. salut , j'ai aussi pas mal galéré avec UNRAID et encore maintenant lors de mes différents tests. pour le moment je tourne sur une WORKSTATION ASUS Z8-NA-D6 avec 2 xeon X5675 et 48GB ECC. en VM je suis sous Win10 et Mojave. par contre pas réussit a faire aller ma carte RX580 avec OSX , mais avec Win10 pas de soucis. ensuite au Taf ,j'ai recupéré un serveur HP Proliant gen8 avec 2 Xeon et 96GB ECC , mais actuellement je ne sais pas placer de carte graphique dedans car l'alimentation est de 460W ou alors je dois mettre une alimentation externe pour la carte graphique. mais pas encore eu le temps de jouer avec. Mon but est de passer par une nouvelle installation sur un Ryzen 9 5950X et une carte ou je peux placer 2 cartes graphique qui peuvent alors être sous VM en Win10 et Mac OSX et me servir aussi de Nas. Pas simple je sais, faut tester et passer du temps
  2. hello ceyo14, I don't really understand your phase " did you try instead of adding the RX580 to swap the VNC for the RX580. so no VNC on it. " with the translation it must distort the manipulation. Phil
  3. Hello , sorry if i did something wrong i didn't know. on the other hand can you write me what I should not show, because I do not see, sorry my native language is French and I often use google translation which distorts the words or sentences. MP for so that it is not seen Phil
  4. Hi, I think that with this KC8FLB config, you fit into your budget and I don't think you will have better, the idea is good. you at least switch to DDR4 and you have the new instructions that the X5690 does not have. now as it is from ATX, I don't think it will fit well to place it in your 2U which normally is in E-ATX? look at the fixing points and back plate. Phil
  5. Hello everyone, I'm new to Unraid, but I'm testing MOJAVE in VM like on the EspaceInvaderOne video. my installation in fact I have access to the desktop and then I stop my VM to be able to edit certain parameters. I change my 2 CPUs to 6 and I remove the line <topology sockets = '1' dies = '1' cores = '2' threads = '1' /> I add well at the end <qemu: arg value = '- usb' /> <qemu: arg value = '- device' /> <qemu: arg value = 'usb-kbd, bus = usb-bus.0' /> <qemu: arg value = '- device' /> <qemu: arg value = 'isa-applesmc, osk = x /> <qemu: arg value = '- smbios' /> <qemu: arg value = 'type = 2' /> <qemu: arg value = '- cpu' /> <qemu: arg value = 'Penryn, kvm = on, vendor = GenuineIntel, + invtsc, vmware-cpuid-freq = on, + pcid, + ssse3, + sse4.2, + popcnt, + avx, + aes, + xsave , + xsaveopt, check '/> </ qemu: commandline> and also I replace the network card: vmxnet3 replace with e1000-82545em I validate and I restart. I always arrive well on the mojave desktop but in 800x600. normal, I have not yet selected my RX580. Well, no matter how much I choose my RX580 card, each time I validate it automatically takes VNC: isn't it what I have to boot UNRAID from the GUI? what is still strange, I changed my SMBIOS to MACpro 5.1 by clover configurator that I had downloaded on the desktop , seeing that it is this version that I use in Native OSX MOJAVE on an SSD, but the processor is still recognized as INTEL Core Solo? , if I replace in the XML Penryn by Westeme (X5675 is Westemere name), no more boot, I go back under clover in loop for the choice. if I choose RX 580 as graphics card, it adds it to me in 2 card but I always stay with VNC. Sorry for my explanations , i'm Belgium speak french and little english. Phil
  6. tu ne dois pas arrêter la Bay et la remettre en route pour les voir arriver
  7. the budget will be too light for a config which will have at least 12c / 24t to be equivalent to what you have. here in Belgium, 64 GB of DDR4-3200 already costs 330 euros. an AMD 5950x 980 euro and we are not talking about the motherboard yet ...
  8. that's why we must switch to a more recent version. did you use your 12 HDD slots? on my old X8dtu-6tf I had 16 HDD slots, now I only use 8 SAS HDD on my Z8NA-D6 with pike2808 , but I would like to still be able to use my drives on my new config, SAS is better than SATA on the lifetime.
  9. Hello, I am not an expert in Unraid, I have been busy testing it for 4 days on my ASUS Z8NA-D6 which at 2 xeon 5675. I had also a few months ago tried unraid on a supermicro server with 2 xeon 5690 , the consumption of the two CPUs remains much higher than the new AMD Ryzen 9. this configuration to date is no longer worth investing, it is better to switch to a new generation and obviously DDR4. after that depends on what you are looking for, decrease energy consumption, noise and also the performance you need. for me, I leave my Z8NA-D6 which has served me well but it remains limited in the instructions. currently I run natively under Win10 and MOJAVE (MacOsx) and of course Unraid for my first steps. I turn to the MSI X570MEG ACE with Ryzen 9, this is in full study, because the configuration must be able to go under Win10 and MacOsx with the Nvme. but it has a budget. Phil
  10. Bonjour , Pourquoi cette carte là précisément ? , je ne l'a trouve pas vraiment top pour le X570 rapport connectivités/prix , je partirais sur un choix vers un de ces modèles en Asrock si tu aimes cette marque : ASRock X570 Créateur ou ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming X , cela te permettrais de pouvoir assigner les cartes Graphiques pour chaque VM. je suis aussi en quête de réflexion sur mon prochain investissement, rien n'est encore décidé à part le Ryzen 9 5950 x et 2 barrettes mémoires de 32gb. ou je galère et de trouver une bonne carte contrôleuse SAS sur pour PCI-e Phil
  11. Bonjour à Tous, je me présente : Philippe , 49 ans , j'habite à Tournai en Belgique. j'aime toucher à ce qui est nouveau et j'ai découvert Unraid cette année et actuellement je le re-test sur une Carte ASUS Z8NA-D6 équipé de 2 Xeon à 6C/6T chacun à 3 Ghz de vitesse et 32 GB DDR-ECC et 8 HDD SAS de 1TB chacun. j'aime plusieurs OS , donc je vais tester les VM ainsi que le NAS , car mon synology DN413J commence à dater. je regarde pour passer dans cette fin d'année sur un Ryzen 9 5950x au niveau CPU , je dois encore réfléchir pour la carte mère si ce sera une B550 ou X570 car je voudrais pouvoir y placer 2 cartes graphique RX580 + GTX1060 pour les VM ( win10 et Macosx ) en passthrought. pour info de mon post en cours: super heureux de trouver une section en Français aussi, j'ai trouvé sur un forum audiophile des tutos en français en plus pour aider ou avoir d'autres infos : je ne fais pas de pub du forum, je l'ai découvert et cela m'a bien aider. cela reste un bon complément. Philippe
  12. hello, Chat Noir at the end of not repeating my 1 post, here is the description on which I would like to arrive. I want a tower with unraid installed and the possibility of being able to connect to the 2 VMs that they will be installed like this: Win10 with its GTX1060 and MacOSX and its RX580 and connect with NUCs (replace my towers with intel i5 gen3 and gen4) less space and less electricity consumption. On Win10 I play a video game called Anno2070 for ten days a year, it needs a lot of cpu and video resources, currently it is installed on my PC equipped with an I74970K and the GTX1060 6gb for that I can have a good level of reality and responsiveness, I would like to be able to place it on the win10 VM and have access to it through the NUCs using some cores and memories and the GTX1060 in passthrough. can I believe this feasibility? It is in the event that this is not possible that I would then go through OS in native mode and no longer through unraid if it was not possible in VM. Same thing for MacOSX and its RX580 for more specific applications and where I need more resources available in core and memories. boot OS native on nvme (win10 and OSX) one OS by nvme, that's why I'm looking for 3 nvme locations, the third will be the cache for Unraid from what I had read on the forum. my Asus Z8NA-d6 is a workstation card, I have looked and I can not find this or more, unless I take a Z10PE-dw8s with still a double xeon which consumes together +/- 320W. it is not my choice, since I want to reduce the electricity consumption of all my IT, electricity in Belgium is very expensive. that's why I turned to the Ryzen 9 which will have less consumption and less cooling need (I quit the watercooling). you can always direct me to a choice of cards that I do not know and that would be suited to my needs. sorry if my english is wrong turn Best regards , phil
  13. I'm in the same situation as you, my head hurts to search and compare the cards, on the other hand I will listen to your advice and switch to two 32gb strips, although I am sure that I would not need more for my utility of my 3 configurations of uses
  14. hello, Vr2lo sorry it's my error, you are absolutely right and thank you for your interest in my new challenge. which then brings me to the aorus X570 card as a choice, is that correct? Gigabyte X570 AORUS MASTER. : 460 euro. The problem is that the Pcie ports are 16x and 8x and 4x, so problems with my 2 graphics cards and in addition I don't know how to add a Pcie-SAS controller card that I need. ASRock X570 Creator : 580 euro the Pcie ports are 16x and 8x and 4x, but I know how to place my 2 graphics cards and in addition I know how to add a Pcie-SAS controller card that I need. only 2 M.2 but 8 sata ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming X : 400 euro I think it fulfills all my criteria: 2 graphics cards + 1 SAS controller and 8 sata HDD and 2 M.2. ( M.2 i use for Win10 , OSX ) , Unraid cache on SSD MSI MEG X570 ACE : 430 euro I think it fulfills all my criteria: 2 graphics cards + 1 SAS controller and 4 sata HDD and 3 M.2 ( M.2 i use for Win10 , OSX and cache Unraid ) ASUS Pro WS X570-ACE : 365 euro U2 , connecteur SAS ? no info As these motherboards only have 4 slots, hope to have enough with 64 Gb DDR4 3200 Best regards Phil
  15. merci pour c'est informations et les détails pour le NAS ( cela va me servir pour remplacer mon vieux synology ds413J ) si tu peux encore faire d'autres tutos , c'est le bien venu surtout en langue française , ils sont rare. Amicalement Phil
  16. Good morning all, I remind you that I am Belgian and that my language is French, I understand the technical terms of English in general, but I also use google translate. my current configuration in Hardware level is as follows: motherboard : Z8NA-D6 Cpu : 2 xeon X5675 Graphic card : RX580 Memory : 6 x 8gb ECC Kingston DDR3-1333Mhz Tower : corsair Obsidian 750D Power : corsair RM850X Icydock MB524SP-B for select SSD Boot system ( Win10 - Win7 - Mojave - and cache for Unraid ) Icydock MB508SP-B for 8 x 2.5 HDD SAS 1TB 6gb/s for Unraid and control by Pike card 2008 HDD SATA : 3 x 1TB for each system data ( NTFS - EXFAT ) with ignition by a control card by switch for their start-up according to desired use . Example of use Win 10 full power CPU and memory MB524SP-B , i use first SSD only with Win10 system and power 1 HDD sata 1TB ( NTFS) Example of use Mojave full power CPU and memory MB524SP-B , i use only second SSD with OSX Mojave system and power 1 HDD sata 1TB ( Exfat or APFS ) Example of use UNRAID : NAS , VM , etc … Usb drive + MB524SP-B , i use only the fourth SSD for cache and MB508SP-B with 8 HDD SAS now this configuration dates and I would like to be able to change it so, I look on your forum and also on the hackintosh forum to choose my new hardware, but it is not obvious in what I want to work and re-use a good part , especially my icydock MB508 SP-B and the 3 modes of use described. I would also like to be able to make some changes like being able to have 2 graphics cards to assign them to VMs, I have 2 RX580 8gb and GTX1060 6gb in stock. in the choice of the motherboard I will turn to use Nvme if possible for the unraid cache and the OS (win10 and OSX) via the choice of the boot. the choice of brands is difficult especially at the price level. Gigabyte prefers it for their habit of using them in the hackintosh domain, but there is also Asrock which is there, and we go from simple to double the price. here is the idea of the new config: CPU Ryzen 9 5950X Memory : hyper X Predator 64GB ( 4 x 16gb ) 3600 cl12 Graphic card : RX580 + ( RX580 or GTX1060 ) Nvme : not yet chosen in brand and capacity for (win10, OSX, Unraid cache) Cold : Noctua NH-U14S TR4-SP3 140 mm U-Type Motherboard , the most difficult choice given the price difference, I need your help for those who have these cards Gigabyte TRX40 Aorus Master : price 660 euro ( i think ideal quality / price and compatibility ) Gigabyte TRX40 Aorus Xtreme : price 1060 euro ( very expensive for me ) ASRock TRX40 Creator TRX4 ATX : price 555 euro I think I presented my idea and what I am looking for, but I await your return , best regards Philippe
  17. hello all, same problem with my ASUS Z8NA-D6 card, when I detect the first time I see my sensors but if I don't record anything appears? even in the online console? coretemp i5500_temp w83627ehf w83795 Phil
  18. merci pour tous vos conseils. C'est vrai qu'il n'est pas toujours facile de pouvoir répondre à une certaine question ou on n'est pas concerné, des amis sans peur d'avoir l'air vraiment bien mais ça fait peur pour des gens comme moi car je ne suis pas vraiment informaticien mais j'aime le challenge.
  19. Hello trurl, I don't really understand what you mean, for the moment I have a synology DS413J NAS in SHR mode and I currently use the following configuration 1.8tb + 1.8tb + 1tb + 1.8tb which gives me the storage capacity of 4.5tb with obviously the security that 1 disk fails . what I would like is to have a guarantee that if 2 disks fail I can replace them without loss of data: Raid 6 mode would be best, but I don't know if unraid manages this mode? is what unraid does this with double parity? if I understand with my 8 hdd each of 1tb, I get with UNRAID in double parity 6 TB of backup with 2tb of double parity in case 2 disks fail? it's fair. for the cache pool, I can try to go through a SATA SSD to do the test, but when my configuration to which I want to finalize with the AMD processor is to switch to NMVE, which would be faster I think? for my third question, you didn't tell me anything? is there a power loss in VM? can be quantified as a percentage. Best regards, Phil
  20. Hello everyone, please be indulgent with my English because I am French speaking Belgian. here I will explain my current situation on a configuration that I have. here are the details of my PC on which I would like to place Unraid. motherboard Workstation : Asus Z8NA-D6 with dual Xeon E5620 with fan and radiator, but I replace them with X5675 and watercooling ( I already have the CPUs, I'm waiting for the watercooling ) memory 24 GB ECC 1333mhz graphique card : Radeon pulse RX580 8gb card Pike Raid for 8 HDD SATA SSD 240 and SSD 480GB with docker ICY Dock : flexidock MB524SP-B . for the moment I am running this configuration under Win10 and MacOSX 10.14.06 MOJAVE. I recovered a lot of computer equipment from my company which discarded it and this allowed me to be able to do tests : example two serveur supermicro X8DTU-6F with 96gb ram ECC and dock for 16 HDD 2.5" SAS 1 TB 7200rpm and other SAS HDD 3.5" 1TB 10000rpm for for a total of 50 HDD in all. for the moment I tried VMware ESXI to test the VM and it works with Win10 and OSX, happy but not completely satisfied . I am looking for the use of Virtual Machine + nas + kodi and other dockers. I specify that if you have not been to see my presentation, I am an electromechanic by training and that I have computer science in my spare time as a passion, that's it for a little summary. well, currently I download and install unraid on my usb and start the X8dtu-6f card to do my tests, already not easy because it was necessary to configure the SAS for the virtual disks so that they can be recognized under Unraid , First question : as they are mainly HDD of 1tb, to be able to use in NAS and assure the data, it would be preferable that I pass on 3 HDD 1tb for 1 HDD 4TB for the safeguard? when do you think ? because on the workstation card I only have 8 HDD SAS available Maximum and my idea would then be to make two compositions each time 3 HDD of 1TB for 1 HDD 4TB, sorry if I don't make myself clear. second question : under VMware ESXI 6.7, I didn't really know how to try the graphics card in passthrough (2u server with riser card and not possible to power it for lack of cable), under Unraid is that the card can be placed on a VM in passthrough and what loss would I have from a direct operating system like Win10? reactivity I mean third question : I play a game under Win10 by the UPLAY platform on a game which this name ANNO 2205 which uses a lot of cpu and graphics card, does this pose a problem under VM in terms of performance? that's why I have a docker for mutliboot between Win10 and OSX, but alas I don't know how to use both at the same time. I don't need a passthrough graphics card for OSX at the moment, but I plan on doing that later. for the moment I am in a test version of the possibilities of unraid and see if it could suit me later, because I am on the discovery phase on material that is already well outdated. because my goal and to be able to mount a new machine with an AMD CPU type ryzen 9 3950X which could then meet all the requests that I would need in both OS with their graphics cards. best regard,Phil

    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum, because I would like to make a machine on which I can use two virtual machines and a backup type NAS and Kodi and Plex.


    I had the opportunity to recover an old rack server 19 "2U equipped with 16 bay with 16 HDD of 1Tb in SAS. my motherboard is an X8DTU-6F with for the moment 2 xeon X5650 and 96 gb ECC 1333mhz on which I do my first test on hypervisor.

    for my first test I tried VMware ESXI 6.7 and installed in VM Win10 and Osx Mojave. but I find that it turns not very reactive yet having allocated to each VM 4 cores and 16GB of memory.


    that's why I would like to go under unraid to do the same test and see the reactivity, because under Win10 I like to play a game called ANNO-2025 by which I have to go through UPLAY for my session.

    Here for my public introductory message, I will create my first post.

    Thanks for reading me , Phil