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  1. Yes, those are the drives. I bought mine as external's and removed the drives, but the same drive. I did a quick test copying a 3.5GB file from a windows client over gigabit ethernet. I see writes at 35 MB/s to a parity protected disk. Write to cache are 105 MB/s. Reads are 115 MB/s. Temps usually hover in the high 20's to low 30's. During parity checks mid-high 30's with a few into the low 40's. That's with the fan controller on the middle speed. No issues for me with the 14030sa's and the C2SEA. You may need to update the firmware on the adaptec cards, but that's pretty painless.
  2. Sweet. Good to hear! Been running rock solid for me too.
  3. Got my 4 drives today, all DM. Life is good.
  4. Must resist.... good deal on a great drive.... It's like an addiction..... Do I really need more space? YES, of course I do. I just ordered 4 more.
  5. I ordered three of these and they were shipped to me quickly, but I am in the US.
  6. Thanks for posting this! Deal is Limit 1. I just place an order, hopefully it will be a DM drive. Also, Amazon has matched the before promo code price of $149.99: http://www.amazon.com/Seagate-Backup-Desktop-External-STCA4000100/dp/B00829THLE
  7. I had the ASrock Z77 Extreme 4 MB in one of my unRAID arrays for a while with 8x4TB drives attached to the MB and they worked fine. It also worked with 2 Adaptec 1430sa cards with 4x4TB drives attached to each controller. I think so, IBM has several part numbers but the board is basically the same. Many don't come with the right bracket, make sure you order one of those too if you need it. I also built an ESXi box in a Norco4020, using supermicro MB with M1015s. I just added my first two 4TB drives on the M1015 today, which is passed through to an unRAID guest. They are preclearing for the next couple days. So far so good, they were recognized no problem.
  8. Looks like this is dead, Amazon price is now back up to $179. I got my 2 drives delivered today, both of the are DM drives!
  9. Thanks, that worked for me. I configured a 500GB virtual disk that is on my ZFS datastore and added that to my unRAID guest as my cache drive. Unfortunately the performance is horrible. In my tests I have the following: 1. ESXi guest for OI/ZFS/Napp-it configured with 4 WD 1TB Green drives in raidz 2. ESXi Windows guest 3. ESXi unRAID guest 4. unRAID bare metal Here's my write speeds when copying a 3.3GB file multiple times with consistent results: ~130 MB/s - Windows Guest -> zfs over SMB (I saw similar ~130MB/s with iometer tests) ~100 MB/s - Windows Guest -> unRAID bare metal (limited by 1GB network) ~80 MB/s - Window Guest -> unRAID guest using dedicated cache drive (limited by hard drive speed) ~20 MB/s - Windows Guest -> unRAID guest w/virtual disk for cache on zfs datastore Why is this so slow when using a virtual disk on zfs for a cache drive in unRAID? Why do I get ~20MB/s instead of ~130MB/s? I would get better performance (~33 MB/s) if I didn't use the cache drive at all and took the parity hit in unRAID. :'(
  10. Looking at the front, power LED is on the bottom right. Hard drive LED is on the top right, it lights up through the triangle on the door.
  11. Got some better performance numbers from ZFS now. I changed from e1000 to vmxnet3 and switched from CrystalDiskMark to iometer. With 4 WD 1TB green drives in raidz I am seeing 210 MB/s write and 260 MB/s read locally and from a Win7 guest about 132 MB/s write and 206 MB/s read. Good enough for me. Now that I have ZFS setup, how do I use it for a cache drive in unRAID?
  12. The warranty on the external drive is 2 years. All of my DM drives show under warranty according to Seagate through either 3/15 or 4/15. YMMV if they will honor the warranty of a drive purchased as an external drive if you send them just the internal.
  13. This is one 4TB drive. Yes, I just got back from Best Buy, had them pricematch to Amazon and it took me 5 min to get it out of the case. I have done this a dozen times though, first one took me about 15 min. There are several videos on youtube that show how to take it apart. Best Buy had 4 drives, 3 DX and 1 DM. I only want DM drives. I currently have 8 of these DM drives in one of my unRaid servers, running great. DX drives run too hot for me. Ordering from Amazon, you may get a DX you may get a DM. Here is how you can tell the difference from looking at the box. Here is some drive details and performance testing between the DX and DM drives. I did order 2 from Amazon also, and I will return them if they turn out to be DX drives.
  14. I am using the virtual NIC in ESXi, not passing one through to any VMs.