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  1. So I have a standalone server on Hetzner. Setup was easy enough like at home, but where I ran into issues was their firewall. Everything I tried Nginx proxy manager would not work. Has anybody used their firewall before?
  2. Does this still allow the jellyfin server to update? Thanks!
  3. May be a dumb question, but every time this updates, it can't start because of all the dri paths that don't exist on my setup. Is there an easy way to fix this? Thanks
  4. This won't even install on the latest unraid version (6.8.3) I get Warning: mkdir(): Read-only file system in /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.plugin.manager/scripts/plugin on line 268 plugin: plugin: error: unable to create parent directory for /boot/config/plugins/libvirtwol/libvirt-python-env-4.10.0-x86_64-1.txz Other plugins seem to install and work ok, does this need to be updated to work
  5. I have the latest jellyfin installed using unRaid nvidia 6.8.3. I followed the instructions with the Docker setup to use my 1650 Super. I used the same instructions with Plex and Emby and they can both transcode using my video card, but Jellyfin cannot. I confirmed this by running watch nvidia-smi. When I go and enable nVidia NVENC and check the boxes, it won't even save, I get this error "There was an error processing the request. Please try again later." Anything else I can try? EDIT - Figured it out, had to create and change the path for transcode. Now it works.
  6. I just set up Jellyfin Version: 10.5.2. I've added --runtime=nvidia in Extra Parameters and two variables. The first key NVIDIA_DRIVER_CAPABILITIES, value all, and the second is NVIDIA_VISIBLE_DEVICES and what's being reported for my GPU 0 UUID in the value. I enabled Nvidia NVENC and checked all boxes. But when I set a video to transcode, I don't get anything reported when I watch nvidia-smi. I've set up Plex the identical way and it shows in the smi output. Am I doing something wrong? EDIT - Figured it out, can't be done with binhex's version of Jellyfin.
  7. Not a problem at all. Happy to help out with testing!
  8. Will do! I noticed an update, but I'll uninstall it and reinstall it. EDIT - Same result as before, I tried a few things, icons, different apps etc.
  9. Just tried a bunch of different things, they all always save, it just doesn't work when I am back to my Docker list. All the apps I put in a folder are still visible and I only get Start and remove when I click on it.
  10. Did that, same result. I also don't have anything to select from when I click on the question mark.
  11. No problem! They are all still showing in my docker list, it was one I just dragged out of the webpage, I think it was the Jellyfin icon. May not be the proper type?
  12. Just installed it and made a media folder using an icon, but this is all I get now? Is there anything else I should be doing? This folder had four apps I checked when creating it. Thanks
  13. No, this information is great. Thank you so much.
  14. Got it. You were right. May be useful to move the checkbox are you sure you want to do this, so it's not under the drop down of the things you want to select first?
  15. So I just ran this on disk 8 of my array (i first moved all the data off it to the other disks in my array), it completed (5TB drive so it took a while), I clicked Done. I then stopped the array, but when I went to tools>new config and checked all for Preserve current assignments, It didn't give me the option for apply, just Done. And I can't remove the drive from my array. I am using unraid 6.8.3 nvidia and don't have any parity drives at the moment. Basically this drive is showing old, and before it starts to fail I want to remove it from the array, and replace it with a new 6TB drive. Am I going about this the wrong way and/or is there an easier way for me to remove a drive from my array without any parity?
  16. Is there anyway to force it to set everything up fresh? I don't care at this point to save any meta data or watch history. I even tried installing plex server on my windows box and get the same screen when I log in, Add your media to Plex and install plex media server screen.
  17. lol, I just changed my password as well, and same thing happened.