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  1. I changed the connection to "remote access to Lan" and I still cant connect to the shares on my unraid server which has a LAN ip of, what am i missing? Here is a screen shot of my settings, the blanked out is my duckdns
  2. So if my unraid server was and a share on it was say movies then in windows i would use \\\movies and I would have to do this for each of my shares on my Unraid box I can also Map Network drive in windows correct? is the reason for this because Wiregard is a silent VPN and does not allow SMB and NTF broadcasting?
  3. Ok I got access to my Unraid GUI remotely using remote access to server, but I don't see any of my shares on my server? am I missing some thing, do I need to port forward SMB or something as well?
  4. Got it, wish I did not have to switch to advanced view everywhere in Unraid to see the delete button, I always forget were it is..
  5. I watched a few videos on setting this up with unraid, I have duckdns setup, the port forwarding in my edge X router but i don't see any shares in my network remotely, says i am connected but nothing shows, also i cant figure out how to remove all the old settings with wireguard.
  6. yeah 2nd this, this issue has been know for a bit and needs to be addressed
  7. Better VM Graphics needs to be a priority, i have gone through 4 different computers and 3 different graphic cards all with mixed mostly failed results, and the videos by Spaceinvader and others are out of date and in those videos issues are pointed out that should have been addressed by now, and i have not found a updated list of supported tested hardware ether, the wiki by unraid is very out of date. Unraid is looking less and less of a option for me unless the whole VM issues get fixed/updated
  8. I just picked up a T410 to run a Windows/Mac VM with video card but i have not been able to get the video card to run in a VM, i always get its unavailable or busy. Can you let me know what settings, hardware, and unraid version you are using?