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  1. I recently switched from the binhex version to this version due to the unpacking bug. I believe my path's are setup incorrectly somewhere as files aren't being moved anymore and are "stuck" in the completed folder. My host path is set to /mnt/user/Downloads/ which I believe is the same as binhex, the only difference ins the MainDir in nzbget settings was /data but in this version it's /downloads. Any assistance is much appreciated! nvm was able to fix by adding a new host path with the /downloads container path
  2. This also was the fix for me as my AP was stuck on adopting then disconnected, rinse/repeat. Thanks so much for posting your resolution!
  3. You are the man. Thank you sir. I donated a bit as a token of my appreciation for all the work you do and the support you provided!
  4. Hmm, I'm not sure honestly. How would I check that, I don't see it in the container settings. I did add the privoxy port via the webui when I first was able to open it and haven't been able to open it since. But that same port works for radarr/sonarr.
  5. Just installed binhex-jackett and the webui does not load when I launch it. Tried reinstalling and get the same issue. I am using delugevpn with sonarr/radarr & privoxy with no issues. Anything I can try to fix this?
  6. well shoot, what are some VPNs that work well with delugevpn?
  7. So I got delugevpn up and running, tested with a leak test and am able to manually download ubuntu via torrent just fine. When I try to pass torrents from radarr to deluge webui, they show up in the webui but just say error:connection timed out. My VPN provider is cyberghost VPN. Any suggestions? TIA
  8. I ran the initial script and have stopped and started the docker container but it still says the directory does not exist. unzip /home/john/Desktop/cyberghost -d /config/openvpn/ Archive: /home/john/Desktop/ checkdir: cannot create extraction directory: /config/openvpn No such file or directory Any suggestions? I am a noob and I'm not sure if this is the right place since I'm using Ubuntu