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  1. Not trying to abuse my stay, but could you be a little bit more detailed than this? this is on the web interface? where? I don`t have a nginx docker, so I'm supposing that this is on the nextcloud docker... it is on the command line on the docker?
  2. You are probably right, since I didn't configure anything about SSL... I would not even know how to start... how could I disable?
  3. Hi there. I just installed the docker container just as the SpaceinvaderOne instructions. Using Maria DB. It is working as intended on WAN. But I'm behind CGNat. Nothing that I can do (Internet without CGNat or a VPS are not options) I use ZeroTier to remote access my server. It is a very neat and clean way. All containers that are with bridge as network I can access normally just using the IP address from ZeroTier:Port. But the Nextcloud gives me a "400 Bad Request - The plain HTTP request was sent to HTTPS port" I tried to edit /mnt/user/appdata/nextcloud/
  4. Not trying to be ungrateful or anything, just wanted to know if there is a plan to upgrade the EAP controller to the new version? I'm very confused about the versions, on one site they call Omada SDN, on other they call EAP controller V4, on other they call Omada Controller V4... I believe that the Omada Controller V4 is just the new name for the EAP controller V4, and the Omada SDN is the controller on TPlink servers, provided as a service... But the question is will the app be upgraded to the V4.1.5 or it will be forever on V3.2.10?
  5. Hello there... First thing: you were supposed to get some rest! after a few hours you were back in here answering questions!! 🤣 Second thing... I guess that the folder order still have something funky going on... Initial situation: Folder 1 -> Container 1.1 - running Folder 2 -> Container 2.1 - running -> Container 2.2 - running -> Container 2.3 - running Folder 3 -> Container 3.1 - stopped So I start the container 3.1: Folder 2 (expanded but empty) Folder 1 -> Container 1.1
  6. Man, that was REALLY quick! it got 100x better, thank you! Not trying to be a pushover, but could I ask for one little thing? I have folder 1 ->docker 1.1 folder 2 ->docker 2.1 ->docker 2.2 folder 3 ->docker 3.1 ->docker 3.2 If I stop the docker 2.2, it show as follow: folder 2 ->docker 2.1 ->docker 2.2 folder 1 ->docker 1.1 folder 3 ->docker 3.1 ->docker 3.2 for some reason now the folder 2 is on top and not the folder 1... if
  7. Hello GuildDarts. Huge fan of this plugin, it organized the impossible to me. Just a simple comment/nitpick I don't know about CSS, so not sure if this is by design or if this is impossible to solve. I'm on 6.8.1. I have 3 folders. the settings are: docker preview: none, Docker Icon style: Docker, Docker Expand button: right, all the other options are off. If I expand them all, and click on a container that is from the first folder, select stop, now the first folder is still expanded, but all the containers that are on the first folder are now on
  8. Just a quick question... Can Unraid run truly headless? Right now I have a old-ish core I5 that I'm testing as a Unraid Server. Also I have a Geforce 970 that I'm using as passthough to a Windows 10 VM. I would love to upgrade this to a Xeon (mostly for the hypertreading, but I'm avoiding I7 because the price is too much for me) My mobo does not support headless boot, but for the mobo I have a graphics card that has a valid bios that will boot just fine (the 970) right now I'm running Unraid from the IGP of the I5. If I get the Xeon I would