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  1. removed it, reinstalled it, problem gone. Tks
  2. the output: -rwx------ 1 root root 34840064 Mar 16 19:50 /usr/local/bin/node/unraid-api/unraid-api* i just tested executing the install again manually entering the plg. , says plugin: not reinstalling same version
  3. i have the GRAPHQL error (6.9.1) rebooted, nothing ran: ~# unraid-api restart Segmentation fault any ideas?
  4. Nice ! appreciate your work and the amazing plugin ! on a side note - mind-blown with your server (vetinari) specs - omg! haha
  5. I guess we`re stuck with it until a proper release, just saw this on the GIT
  6. Just upgraded from 6.8.3 into 6.9 it fails to update, error logs says it is already updated. and It is nowhere to be found on the menus, can`t access it anymore.
  7. Seems like your fix worked - it came up, connected and fetched / posted data... let me leave it running for a while now and see if the past problem persists.
  8. running 6.8.3, using multiple dockers, all of them work like a charm, unraid-API keeps crashing. also: as out of the box as it gets. I also attempted giving it a fixed IP: erased everything, reconfigured, now the error is: although it says connected
  9. @ElectricBrainUK Have you seen this error ?? i can make a setup, it will post into MQTT a few times, but after a day or 2, it will just stop and not connect anymore showing the below error messages. if i delete the .json files and server config and let it regenerate, it will setup again and start to work, until it fails with the same error in 2 days time. Any ideas ?
  10. I also have a Microserver Gen8 - recently upgraded to 6.7.2 and guess waht happened to my NAND / ILO4 ?? exactly the samething as you. I had been using openmediavault and even used ESXi without issues.... then after i moved to a new house - i decided to give UNRAID a go. Guess who has a HP Gen8 server with no Intelligent Provisioning and a dead nand? I am now trying to downgrade ILO back to 2.55 from 2.73 and have forced a NAND format 4x already and I am now trying to make it work...