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  1. Pretty much seamless upgrade for me from 6.8.3 to 6.9.0 but a few quirks noticed in the 24 hours since I pulled the trigger. Anyone else using the Dynamix Fan Auto Control plugin facing issues with the fan controller seeming to ramp up to 100% and stay there way longer than before? I'm also struggling to get settings to save when using this plugin. Apart from that, the only other minor gripe is that clicking the X on system notifications doesn't close them without refreshing the page.
  2. Thank you! Q26 solved the issue. For anyone else facing the same issue - this is what solved it: inside both Radarr and Sonarr in the General tab > Proxy settings and "Ignored Addresses" and adding the IP address of my UNRAID server to the Ignored Addresses field. Thanks Binhex, stellar support as always.
  3. I seem to be having similar issues to @xxDeadbolt in that I can access Jackett using the GUI on port 9117 and testing the 5 indexers I have in Jackett all work as expected, each reporting a result with a green tick mark. In the Jackett GUI I have configured the proxy to point at the binhex-rTorrentVPN endpoint on port 8118 which I know is working as I can connect through that proxy with my desktop machine and it gives a different IP address than my home IP address. The issue I have is that I can't get Radarr or Sonarr to connect to Jackett (all @binhex repos). I get err
  4. Just in case a similar issue occurs for any other user, I think that the "CaliBlur! Dark theme" was causing issues. After I reinstalled and using the Standard Theme (light), I could see all my books and could read them within the browser after enabling the option to read in browser. But when I later switched to using the Dark theme, the issue with missing books returned. I also noted that the indexing/searching seemed to be broken when using the CaliBlur! theme such that keyword searches returned no results despite there being books tagged with a term in met
  5. I ended up nuking Calibre-Web, removing the appdata folder and reinstalling - Calibre-Web now finds all the books that I've added previously and shows them in the interface. No idea what happened to it but it's working now.
  6. Hi, Have tried that and the weird thing is I have added other books after this using the Calibre interface and these are showing up in Calibre-Web. I hadn't realised that the Calibre-Web interface permitted the addition of books. I may have to nuke the 800+ added to Calibre and add them in smaller batches with Calibre-Web offline. Thanks for the pointers.
  7. This may be a silly question but is there any limit to the size of the Calibre database that Calibre-web will read? I've come across an issue where I added a whole bunch of new books using the Calibre interface and the 800+ books added are visible in the Calibre interface but not in the Calibre-web interface. Total number of books is 4977, can only see up to 4169. Numbers 4170 to 4741 were added on the same day as the preceding 6 or so books which *are* showing up in Calibre-web. Alternatively, is there any way to force Calibre-web to reload the content from the database - recon
  8. I *WAS* having the same issue as multiple users. I nuked the previous install as detailed in Ed's excellent video tutorial and then followed the video again to install, this time opting for Catalina rather than BigSur to see if that made any difference. Am on 6.8.3, made sure that CA User Scripts was installed and also VM_Custom_Icons before installing Macinabox. I think part of the issue may have been impatience! as when I went to get a screengrab of the "missing" scripts, lo! and behold! they were there... Cue acute embarrassment on my part but felt it important enoug
  9. I *was* a plank. having read the run command output, I realise that the names of the folders I assigned in the container were what the GUI was expecting to have in the fields, not the *actual* paths - DOH: This is the GUI now with correctly identified paths and no more missing folders
  10. thanks trurl, This is the output from the docker run command:
  11. Looks like the team have just released the Booksonic-air container... - see this thread:
  12. I'm probably being a plank but I can't seem to add Media folders. Configured in docker to use /mnt/user/MediaLibrary/Audiobooks/ and /mnt/user/MediaLibrary/Podcasts/ but in the interface I can't seem to add these to have the application index the folders: TBH, I'm no unraid power user and have been holding my various media shares together with lots of help from the forums and @SpaceinvaderOne's unraid tutorial vids... Plex, Calibre & Calibre Web are working fine but I suspect I'm doing something wrong in Booksonic - any help gratefully received.