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  1. I just installed the "My Servers" Unraid.net plugin and downloaded a backup file of my config. I also did a regular config backup directly on my server. The regular one is 587MB and the cloud one is 264MB. Why is this half the size? I opened both zips up, and is looks like the main difference is that the cloud backup doesn't include all my plugins folders. Does this happen to anyone else? Is this to be expected? Thanks
  2. I just upgraded UnRaid from 6.9.0 to 6.9.1, and then went to update all the plugins, and it's stalling on this one. Is there something I could have done wrong? It know CA Appdata Backup v2 was working properly before the upgrade.
  3. I was previously using Intel QuickSync with my Intel i3-10100 CPU (Integrated UHD Graphics 630), and I was able to get Plex to use hardware transcoding with the (hw) next to transcoded streams in Plex's Dashboard. I have since installed a Nvidia Quadro P400 card and got that to work with the new Nvidia-Drivers plugin. I'm having a hard time telling if both Intel QuickSync and Nvidia hardware transcoding are active or if it's now only Nvidia. Is there any way to tell? Thanks in advance.
  4. Short story: My old motherboard died, so I switched to new motherboard. UnRaid is working and accessible over the network, but the GUI mode isn't working directly on the server itself, I just see a blinking cursor in the top-left. Long version with details: I had Unraid version 6.8.3 stable running properly on my EVGA X58 SLI Motherboard & i7-930 up until mid December, when my motherboard failed and so I decided to build a whole new system. I bought the MSI MAG B460 TORPEDO Motherboard and Intel Core i3-10100 CPU. I saw from other forums posts that this motherboard has problems with 6.8.3 as the integrated network card needs newer drivers that only 6.9-RC2 has. So I made a backup of my "config" folder, used the UnRaid USB Flash Creator to put 6.9-RC2 opn the existing flash drive, and then I replaced the new "config" folder with my saved backup. This helped me get back up and running for the most part, except for the blinking cursor issue. I am able to access the Web UI from any other computer on my network, so I know it's working. Additionally, I have already done the following: Updated my BIOS to the most recent version (7C81vA1) I originally had problems even booting into the UnRaid USB drive, but I realized I needed to set my motherboard to UEFI mode and remove the hyphen from the "EFI" folder I also enabled D.T.M. in the BIOS since I saw it helped someone else on another forum post. Attached are my diagnostics and a video of how it looks at boot-up: komodo-diagnostics-20210118-1611.zip
  5. I did come across this post, and set it to Enabled, but it didn't fix the issue unfortunately...
  6. I'm also having this same issue when switching to a new motherboard after the old one failed. I'm now using the MSI MAG B460 TORPEDO and UnRaid 6.9-RC2, when previously I was on 6.8.3 stable. I had to use the RC2 in order for my networking drivers to work with the new motherboard. I can't get to the Web UI on the server itself (just see the blinking cursor), but I can access it over the network from my other computers.
  7. I should have been more clear. I *am* able to get the Web UI to work from my other computers on my network. But I can't get it to work on the computer running UnRaid, it just shows the blinking cursor. I prefer to have the GUI on the UnRaid itself for troubleshooting purposes.
  8. I'm having the same issue as you, I just bought the exact same motherboard. I did the update to 6.9.0 RC2 and got the network issue fixed, but for some reason I can't get the GUI (Web UI) mode to work. I just get a blinking underscore. Did you have a similar issue?
  9. No, no proxy here. But odd thing is I just tried forcing an update again, even though that didn't do anything last time, it now went through now it looks normal and says up-to-date. Not sure why it worked the 2nd time I tried that but not the first.
  10. Yes, I have, still not working unfortunately. A full reboot didn't do anything different either.
  11. Thanks for the suggestion, Frank, but that wouldn't work in my case as I run a file/folder comparison backup, so it checks to see what the differences are and copies over only the files it needs. I don't use my Unraid for just Music or Movies, I use it for my entire computer backup with hundreds thousands of folders for various things.
  12. Unfortunately, that didn't fix it for me. I had as my DNS originally, so I added as Primary and as Secondary and still have the same issue. The odd thing is that I just added a new application and that one does show "up-to-date" instead of not available, as you can see in the screenshot. I've also tried forcing an update, but that doesn't resolve it either.
  13. I had an idea to avoid ransomware from attacking both my main computer and my UnRaid. I figured that if I got ransomware on my main Windows computer and the UnRaid shares were mounted on my Windows machine, then the ransomware would infect the UnRaid too. To avoid this, I mounted the shares as read only for my account with SMB, and then ran backups from Windows to UnRaid over SFTP with my backup software Beyond Compare. The problem is that the permissions for the files copied with SFTP don't match the UnRaid default of "nobody:users" and instead show up as "root:root". Is there a way for me to set it up so that when I copy files using SFTP, all the the files have the right permissions? I've attached a screenshot of files copied using SMB (above) and SFTP (below). Or, alternatively, is there another way to do what I want (avoiding ransomware taking over both computers simultaneously) that I haven't thought of? Thanks in advance.
  14. Just noticed this today. The Dockers are running without problems but the version isn't showing up. Any ideas?
  15. Is Re-sync parity the same as Read-Check? If not, how do I specifically start a re-sync parity? I don't see an option for that in the Main tab.
  16. Looks like the parity drive is seen again the SMART is showing up. Here's my diagnostics: komodo-diagnostics-20200828-0914.zip Should I start a Read-Check or is there something else I need to do first?
  17. I'm fairly new to Unraid, like a few months. This is my first time getting an error like this. I'm seeing other posts where people are asked to post diagnostics, so here's mine attached. I haven't even touched my server recently, so I doubt it's a wonky SATA cable. Do these diagnostics show anything obvious? Thanks in advance. komodo-diagnostics-20200828-0209.zip
  18. I did what you said, and was able to boot up properly! I have the feeling that my flash drive (which I just purchased only a few weeks ago for this UnRaid setup specifically) might be bad. The fact that I got that "bzroot" copy error is not a good sign. I tried copying "bzroot" using another software called BeyondCompare and saw a CRC redundancy error. In your opinion, do you think that this is a sign that the flash drive might be bad and I should switch it out? Or should I just let it go again and see what happens. Also, as a bit of context, I have already switched and re-registered flash drives once just a few weeks ago because I wanted to switch from a flash drive that sticks out to one that is low profile. This is the one I am using now: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005FYNSZA I understand that it's a whole process to switch out & re-register to another flash drive more than once in one year. Thanks again for your help and advice, Johnnie!
  19. I'm not sure what is the proper way to backup the flash drive when I can't get into the system. Do I just copy everything from the flash drive to a folder on a different computer and zip it? If so, I'm trying that now and encountering this error: Are you saying that the only thing I need to copy over is the config folder, and then replace that onto a newly re-created version of the flash drive with the USB tool? Sorry for being obtuse, but I don't want to mess this up, making sure I understand 100%.
  20. I just tried with another flash drive and yes, that one works. The only unique things I've done to my original flash drive is set it up with 8 drives (1 parity), some basic plugins including the "Linuxserver.io - Unraid Nvidia" plugin, the Plex and Tautulli docker. And I'm wondering if perhaps this somehow relates to the NVidia version of Unraid since this problem seems to have started recently after I set that up. However, it was working at least a few times with that. I got this kernel panic once before a few days ago, wasn't sure what it was, so I rebooted and it didn't happen again for a few days. And now today I tried rebooting numerous times and keep getting the error. Is there any way for me to get logs off of that flash drive to send to you without the system being active?
  21. I'm getting what I assume is a kernel panic every time I boot into my UnRaid server. I read in a couple other posts that I should run MemTest to see if the problem lies in my RAM, but I let it run for 10 hours (4 passes) and there were no errors. Below is the last screen it ends on, a video of my booting in its entirety, and a screenshot of the MemTest. The same error happens if I try it in safe mode too. Any thoughts?
  22. Thanks @dlandon, I was fortunately just going to Pre-clear it to add to the array, but when I noticed it wasn't mountable in UD, I wanted to troubleshoot it since I might need to plug in an ext4 drive in the future and wanted to know how to fix it in advance.
  23. And upon some googling, I just now realized I am talking to the devoloper of Unassigned Devices, lol! Does this make sense to you why this would happen?
  24. I've just realized what may be going on. In my Debian Linux system, I formatted the entire drive (not a partition) as ext4 (so /dev/sde, not /dev/sde1). Apparently that is a thing that you can do even though it isn't recommended, and Debian works with it fine. So I guess other flavors of Linux recognize that while UnRaid (or likely the UD plugin) isn't equipped to handle a format like that. Perhaps this is something that I can report as a bug/feature request in "Unassigned Devices"