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  1. Hey, I seem to have an issue where it shows only a quarter of the picture on the screen. Has anyone run into this and got a fix? Cheers GooseGoose
  2. Yeah it does seem like a bit of a pain to use at the moment. Thanks so much for the help! I will try that now. I somehow missed the note at the bottom despite the page being like 10 lines long... not my finest moment..
  3. Hey, I tried to create a superuser using the "pipenv run python createsuperuser" command like the documentation suggest but it comes up with an error in the console Warning: Python 3.6 was not found on your system… Neither 'pyenv' nor 'asdf' could be found to install Python. You can specify specific versions of Python with: $ pipenv --python path/to/python Are you able to help? Cheers
  4. To get it to do a local scan with the config in appdata i had to run: docker exec -it Mopidy mopidy --config /etc/mopidy.conf local scan Or when I used knex666's mopidy 3 container it picked up the config correctly
  5. I definitely agree! Maybe i didn't describe it very well but i wasn't picturing large movements
  6. I am afraid i know less than you but i would really like that. I am actually still using your icon pack as it covers more of my bases and i really like the consistent look across all of the icons. I really like the idea of the pirate and other eye icon blinking. I think it would be cool to get both of the clouds moving, maybe at different speeds or directions. For the database one maybe have the discs separate and come back together? As far as the background i do quite like the one that looks like a folder (it is what i am using currently) but i do also like the square ones that y
  7. Awesome thanks! I will try to get it working! You have given me hope! Is it alright if i ask you some questions? i will take it off this thread though
  8. super cool. I love the home automation one! On a side note what do you use for LDAP? I really want to setup active directory (I used microsoft active directory at work 5 years ago and linked it) to manage my home network but thinking microsoft charges and not having had the time to research alternatives that much.
  9. I am loving the icons, they look great in both colours in dark mode! Although i think i am going to go with yellow. I don't think that i have any criticism. Great work to complement a great plugin!
  10. ahh cool, thanks! I will try that. nah this is just using the local files, and the same config as the instance that works (with the audio stream changed)
  11. i had a motherboard die, fixed that and i can start working on this again! That is amazing! I didnt know about the post arguments. so i have my mopidy instances like this Mopidy3-test1 [audio] output = audioresample ! audio/x-raw,rate=48000,channels=2,format=S16LE ! audioconvert ! wavenc ! filesink location=/tmp/snapfifo-test1 Mopidy3-test2 [audio] output = audioresample ! audio/x-raw,rate=48000,channels=2,format=S16LE ! audioconvert ! wavenc ! filesink location=/tmp/snapfifo-test2 and my snapserver post arguments:
  12. I have the following folders - databases -mariadb, influx - Dependencies - this is for influxdb and some other monitoring. I could rename to monitoring - audio - mopidy x2, snapcast - downloaders - home assistant - has home assistant and some home assistant related dockers - utilities - vs code, duckdns, openvpn, etc - media - plex, tautulli etc - front ends - I wasnt sure about this name. Has things like nextcloud, bookstack, grafana, heimdall You could probably split them even more but that is where I have landed so far. Cheers
  13. That is awesome GuildDarts! I love it! and i love the idea about getting some icons shared! I have no idea how to make things look nice so I am using the mariaDB logo for the folder with all of my databases in. Going with that train of thought, having icons for different categories of dockers would be awesome. For example the databases, downloaders, utilities etc.
  14. Thanks again for helping sort this out! Sorry about the other server issues i had!
  15. I still cant actually create a folder. I tried updating and importing old folders, and i also tried creating new folders, but neither seem to work. I am free to teamviewer generally between the hours of 8:30 pm UTC to 5 am UTC. But i might be able to do something like 11 am UTC for half an hour but that would be day dependant and i probably wouldn't know until the day. Cheers