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  1. I have been through all of the troubleshooting steps and just cant get it working again. is their any guidance you can provide?
  2. for some reason my docker has stopped farming its been a couple of days now but im not sure why. when i check the block chain tab it says the below Exception from 'show' Traceback (most recent call last): File "/chia-blockchain/chia/cmds/", line 41, in show_async blockchain_state = await client.get_blockchain_state() File "/chia-blockchain/chia/rpc/", line 27, in get_blockchain_state response = await self.fetch("get_blockchain_state", {}) File "/chia-blockchain/chia/rpc/", line 49, in fetch raise ValueError(res_json) ValueError: {'error': "b'\\xd7\\x80\\xd2,z\\x87\\xc9\\xe0\\x1d\\x98\\xb4\\x9a\\t\\x10\\xf6p\\x1c;\\x95\\x01WA1k?\\xda\\x04.]{\\x81\\xd2'", 'success': False} anyone know whats happened? I haven't even touched it just leave it to do its thing
  3. Are there any instructions on how to do this? I am looking to set up a cross platform server
  4. this maybe my issue. even though I have the - before the EFI my BIOS still sees the UEFI boot partition and not the Legacy. again i can still boot the legacy if I force boot to it from the F8 Boot Menu
  5. if i have disabled UEFI in UNRAID and it adds the - to the EFI folder should my motherboard not even see it in the BIOS? as it still sees it as an option
  6. when creating the USB will UNRAID create it both for Legacy and UEFI im wondering if I may have made it UEFI only??
  7. Yes it has the "-", it may be a BIOS thing yes as i can use the boot override to boot it in Legacy. not sure what I can try next
  8. Yes by enabling Legacy I mean I have enables CSM. it still wont let me boot from the USB via Legacy (it does only if i use the boot override) only shows me the UEFI option
  9. I have been running unraid for a while now. Never really bothered with how it was booting. I have recently tried to create a VM with GPU pass through and had issues so found out that my server is booting in UEFI mode and i should change it to Legacy. So I went into the BOIS of my PC and Legacy Mode is Turned on. however in the boot options I dont see my USB as Legacy only UEFI. I can however press F8 and use the boot override to boot in to Legacy. does anyone know why this may be? I unchecked the boot in UEFI in unrad and that doesn't help either except now I have to force the boot in Legacy but still no option to select legacy in the the boot Menu. My Motherboard is: ASUS X99-M WS/SE
  10. Hi, Is there any chance you can create a template for a chrome browser? i think this should work from the docker Hub?
  11. Hi I am trying to create a VM and Passthrough my NVME which is an Unassigned device. I also want to pass through a GPU but at the moment I am starting with only passing the NVME through. when i go to system settings the NVME is on its own IOMMU group so I selected it and hit Bind to VFIO. Success I can now see the NVME Passthrough in the VM Creation. I select none for my drive and pass the NVME through. I boot the VM using VNC and when I try to install Windows 10 I can see the drive and Installation begins. however on first reboot it just boots into the UEFI Shell. What am I doing wrong? Hopefully its an easy Fix
  12. Hi All I have just updated to the latest version and could start the Image. there was a link to the wiki in the logs which I followed and back up and running. However I am no longer farming. can anyone help me? When I try to check my connection i get the following Error DataTables warning: table id=conns_Jarvis_chia - Cannot reinitialise DataTable. For more information about this error, please see