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  1. Has anyone set this up with letsencrypt? I try to put it into my proxynet and the IP addresses it gets assigned (on br0) disappears and it becomes inaccessible. Leaving it on br0 gives it an IP address separate than my server. Am I doing something wrong since it won't work on the proxynet?
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    Going thru portainer you click on the container. Then there is a red button on the top that says "Recreate." After you click that, flip the toggle on that says pull latest image. Then recreate. Be advised that your container names will change and the proxy networks may not persist. You'll have to make those changes. If that doesn't work, run thru the docker-compose commands in the terminal and rebuild the stack. Neither of these suppressed the warnings I got in Fix Common Errors and the docker tab says I need updating. I personally wouldn't update unl
  3. Don't update. I updated and now it no longer works. I can see the old docker images in portainer, but don't know how to spin them up.
  4. You would use the built-in NICs of the NAS and Mac. You'd be limited to 1gbps, which is (theoretically) about 125 MB/s transfer rate. This speed may or may not work for your workflow. It may be a little slower editing over the network, but it may be imperceptible compared to editing from your hard drive. Putting in a supplementary NIC in your NAS (and presumably desktop) would increase that "pipeline" to 3-5 gbps. This point is moot since you're using a laptop with only 1 NIC.
  5. I believe the 4TB Reds are SMR. Only 8TB+ are CMR. I just bought 2x 8TB Easystores and they were CMR. it seems like a lot of muscle for just a NAS, but if you’re going to install VMs for editing, it might be ok. AMD doesn’t seem to be abandoning their AM4 socket so that’s another plus. if you’re going to edit the photos/videos from the nas, get a dual/quad NIC for your NAS and your desktop. Then get a 16 port switch and plug the cables in and get a theoretical 5gbps connection between the server and desktop for a little over $100.
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    I had both 10000 and 4443 forwarded and your post got me thinking. I tried not forwarding ports and found that if I forwarded 10000 but not 4443, the video worked. When I forwarded 4443 but not 10000, the video did not work. I could connect, but the video wouldn't work.
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    I think I just fixed it. Mine was something with the cloudflare wildcard cert setup I did yesterday. Now I reverted back to google nameservers and I'll use letsencrypt to manage my certs and add subdomains if I add them. I couldn't even connect to my domain outside of the network so that's what led me down the DNS rabbit hole.... Now that you mention it, I was having that issue when I tested this morning. My wife's on her work laptop thru a VPN and it wouldn't show video. So she turned off the VPN and reconnected to the meeting and the video was there. I know that's of little to no
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    I'm running into the same issues. I try to connect with my phone via cellular, and it just spins. Then if I connect thru a client on my network, an error pops up on the phone that says it's trying to reconnect.
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    I’m willing to chip in my request units and contribute some cold hard freedom bucks to spaceinvaderone for a Jitsi tutorial. His channel has helped me greatly so far!