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  1. 64GB RAM. Try as I might I've never got Windows 10 to use more than 25 GB at a time.
  2. Afraid I'm still getting the same issue. Sometimes even moving the mouse over folders is enough to crash it.
  3. I wasn't doing any file transfer or reading/writing to the disk at all. It seems to have stopped now finally but it was going on for several hours.
  4. Been getting this error since last night. Have been manually moving stuff off disk 4 to other disks but it keeps filling up faster than I can remove stuff. I can't figure out what the new data is or where it's coming from. Keeps going down until only 2MB left and can no longer write. How do I diagnose this?
  5. Annoyingly this has started happening again even without the ¬ directory
  6. That might be it! I had a directory with a "¬" character in it. I have renamed it and things are much smoother now! Thanks. If this fixes it I'll be so happy as I've been dealing with this for two years now!
  7. Any ideas? This one share is completely unusable most of the time.
  8. Whenever I browse my ebooks share with Windows Explorer over SMB it loads incredibly slowly to start with and about 70% of the time hangs the whole explorer.exe process for minutes until it becomes unresponsive. This happens whether I'm browsing the share root which has zero files and just six folders in. It also happens in my ebook folder which has fewer than 300 items in and a total size of just ~6 GB. Weirdly, if it doesn't hang and crash, it then works fast and perfectly. All my other shares mounted in the same way over the same connection from the same unraid server using explorer work completely normally. What could be making this happen?
  9. It's the webui in-page help that is confusing. And the counterintuitive fact that split level overrides minimum free space.
  10. I think that was it. It was level 2. Changing it to any level seems to have fixed it. I must say it's not very intuitive. What's does split level 2 mean? Does a lower level or a higher level mean that directories will be split across disks earlier? And why does split level override minimum free space?!
  11. Disk 4 in my array has only 2GB left. The other disks have 1-2TB free space. I have all shares set to high water and 250GB minimum free space. However, whenever I try to write to my "tv" share, I keep getting "no space left on device" errors. I'm losing data and it's corrupting my Plex. I've even tried setting the allocation method for the "tv" share to "fill up" instead of high water and it still writes partial files to the full Disk 4 until it has only a few KB left. Why isn't the Allocation method working correctly? Why isn't it respecting my minimum free space rules?
  12. Any ideas how to fix this? From what I read 80 GB is extreme...