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  1. The weird thing is it was fine for several months before. I've tried replacing the cable with no luck. I have also tried multiple ports on the other end as well as both eth0 and eth1.
  2. Never mind. Found the file. The disk serial in question is in there. As indeed are all my disks.
  3. What is UD? I have reset the settings for the current serial in dev1. Yes I blanked out the serial.
  4. Definitely doubled checked this and still getting the errors in the log despite everything being set to ignore. How do I fix this?
  5. How can I tell? I set it on the one current connected and it shows up when I click on it in Main.
  6. I have changed my disk temperature warning threshold on all disks including dev1. However, on only this disk, I'm still getting warnings at the default thresholds. Other disks are fine.
  7. Same issue here just started today. Hundreds of `user/local/sbin/shfs /mnt/user` processes (one in particular) using up 150%+ CPU and causing server to overheat.
  8. It's literally the install pop up box but blank. I rebooted and it worked now though.
  9. Why does the stop array script not include this after a certain delay?
  10. So what is wrong with docker then? The apply button is greyed out no matter what I do...