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  1. I got the update to beta 35, the nvidia-plugin installed, patch installed, but doesn't seem to be working in plex docker. I added --runtime=nvidia to the extras line in that it? N
  2. I am having the same problem. Wether I leave it default or specify a login and password when installing the docker it doesn't let me login. It seems to want an email for the username, but even if I specify a full email address it doesn't work.
  3. I am seeing this is my syslog. Feb 15 20:49:00 uNAS shfs/user: err: get_key_info: get_message: /boot/config/._Plus.key (-3) Is there an easy way to roll back to 6.3 from command line?
  4. Seeing this is syslog. Feb 15 20:49:00 uNAS shfs/user: err: get_key_info: get_message: /boot/config/._Plus.key (-3) Is there a easy way to rollback to 6.3 or 6.2.x from command line?
  5. Updated 2 days ago, from 6.24 to 6.3.1 and now my shfs process sits at 100% and the gui doesn't come up.
  6. This is happening to me as well. 2 days after latest update.
  7. Looks like your /media/muziek1 directory has some corruption. Maybe check permissions on that directory and files and make sure they match the rest of your files.
  8. Thanks I got it running, now I am running into a problem with the in SABNzbd. "Cannot run script /config/scripts/" If I run it via cmd line it works fine.
  9. Never change the port via the webui inside the container, just remap the port via the docker setup on the host side only. I am pretty sure thats all I did, was edit the port# during the Docker setup.
  10. Anyone running this on a non default port of 8090? I am trying to run it on 8088 and I can never get the webgui to come up. Any ideas? Its like its ignoring my changes, and still trying on 8090
  11. Pretty sure this plugin is apart of the unsupported app store package for plex as well, so if you install that one, it should have a installer for the ones your looking for built in.
  12. Has anyone gotten newshosting VPN working with Deluge??
  13. I think he wants a mounted XFS drive out of the array for something like video camera recording he doesn't have to wear his Parity drive out. I accomplished this using Unassigned Drive Plugin. But I still had to go in command line and create the partition via parted before it would let me format it in the plugin.
  14. If you have PlexPass, I beleive it also does what you want.