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  1. Can you tell me how filesystem monitoring works for the /watch directory? Is there an interval? I know there is a pause before processing, but it seems that it takes quite a while for AMC to realize there is a directory change and process it.
  2. A couple of ideas to keep things a bit cleaner. 1) I used environment variables available through NPM rather than hardcoding the ip and port into the Advanced Config. So I made the following changes to the Protected Endpoint: set $upstream_CONTAINERNAME http://CONTAINERIP:CONTAINERPORT; became: set $upstream_CONTAINERNAME $forward_scheme://$server:$port; This will allow you to make the changes to IP/Port within NPM rather than both under the Details Tab and the Advanced Tab 2) I also used the actual container name as well so that I don't have to worry about IP. All of the reverse proxy guides recommend you create a network and use the internal Docker network for your reverse proxy. If you do that then you can specify the container name instead of the IP. So: set $upstream_authelia http://SERVERIP:9091/api/verify; became: set $upstream_authelia http://Authelia:9091/api/verify; In this case Authelia is the name of my Authelia container. I have found it is much easier to use container name and internal port references in your NPM config so that if you container IPs change you are stuck fixing your reverse proxy. Just make sure if you do this, your are using the container port, not the translated port for your UnRaid IP address. With these changes you can almost use the same Protected Endpoint for each proxy host. The only thing that would be different is the CONTAINERNAME. I am not sure if it would be a problem for that to be the same between proxy hosts. I am going to do some testing and see if it matters. --Scott
  3. I have gone through the guide twice and I always come up with the same error. When I paste the config in the Advanced Box for the host, NPM shows the host as offline. If I remove it, it comes right back up and works fine. Has anyone seen this error? NEVERMIND...Got it figured out.. For CONTAINERNAME, you cannot have a container name that has a "-" in it. In my case I was using a container that I didn't care if I exposed called "wifi-card". That will NOT work. "wifi" will work or "wificard" will work but you can't have a dash in a container name. THere may be other special characters that don't work. I didn't test any others.