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  1. Can you tell me how filesystem monitoring works for the /watch directory? Is there an interval? I know there is a pause before processing, but it seems that it takes quite a while for AMC to realize there is a directory change and process it.
  2. A couple of ideas to keep things a bit cleaner. 1) I used environment variables available through NPM rather than hardcoding the ip and port into the Advanced Config. So I made the following changes to the Protected Endpoint: set $upstream_CONTAINERNAME http://CONTAINERIP:CONTAINERPORT; became: set $upstream_CONTAINERNAME $forward_scheme://$server:$port; This will allow you to make the changes to IP/Port within NPM rather than both under the Details Tab and the Advanced Tab 2) I also used the actual container name as well
  3. I have gone through the guide twice and I always come up with the same error. When I paste the config in the Advanced Box for the host, NPM shows the host as offline. If I remove it, it comes right back up and works fine. Has anyone seen this error? NEVERMIND...Got it figured out.. For CONTAINERNAME, you cannot have a container name that has a "-" in it. In my case I was using a container that I didn't care if I exposed called "wifi-card". That will NOT work. "wifi" will work or "wificard" will work but you can't have a dash in a container name. THere may be other speci