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  1. Hey jzawacki, thanks for the reply. My apologies messing the stats up here. Downloading on steam I can get ~75MB/s and then once cached 117MB/s. Currently downloading Battlefield 5 @ 5.74MB/s but averages at ~3MB/s and COD MW @ 881.02KB/s So Origin and Blizzard are extremely slow. Bypassing lancache gets me to ~30MB/s +> I think I added extra IPs as per Dan's post but doesn't seem to be helping too much.
  2. Hey dan91, just setup my first unraid and its working like a charm, however on first download from Blizzard & Origin is extremely slow <1Mpbs & 4Mbps respectively on my 1Gb line. On steam I can get up to ~75Mbps (depending on game) on first download and then cache maxes out my 1Gbp lan connection getting 117Mbps. Will adding more IPs address improve the first download rate from Blizzard & Origin? I tried before moving to unraid on a virtual machine with different slice sizes which helped improve it slightly but never tried with additional IP address and only ever got it to 4Mbps on Blizzard. Any help would be greatly appreciated.