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  1. Hey jzawacki, thanks for the reply. My apologies messing the stats up here. Downloading on steam I can get ~75MB/s and then once cached 117MB/s. Currently downloading Battlefield 5 @ 5.74MB/s but averages at ~3MB/s and COD MW @ 881.02KB/s So Origin and Blizzard are extremely slow. Bypassing lancache gets me to ~30MB/s +> I think I added extra IPs as per Dan's post but doesn't seem to be helping too much.
  2. Hey dan91, just setup my first unraid and its working like a charm, however on first download from Blizzard & Origin is extremely slow <1Mpbs & 4Mbps respectively on my 1Gb line. On steam I can get up to ~75Mbps (depending on game) on first download and then cache maxes out my 1Gbp lan connection getting 117Mbps. Will adding more IPs address improve the first download rate from Blizzard & Origin? I tried before moving to unraid on a virtual machine with different slice sizes which helped improve it slightly but never tried with additional IP address and only ever got it to