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  1. Just setting up the Plex docker on a new Unraid server, and I can't get linuxserver/plex to show in the Template list when I try to add the container. I'm pretty sure I'm doing everything correctly, but it has been a while. :) Added https://github.com/linuxserver/docker-plex to the Template repositories window. Click on the Add Container button, but under Templates there is no template to choose. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Replaced mainboard, still getting lockups. Decided to swap the CPU from another system, just because it was about the only bit i hadn't replaced so far, problem seems to be gone, run flawlessly overnight. Probably should have tried that before ordering a new mainboard hey. Thanks again for the replies.
  3. Changing the NTP servers and updating the BIOS didn't help, so I've ordered a new mainboard.
  4. Yes, server time is correct. I just changed the NTP servers to see if that helps. Hadn't even considered the BIOS being a problem, there was a newer BIOS available, so I've flashed it and will see how it goes. Thanks for the replies.
  5. Hi, Not sure where to post this so please move if there is a better spot. I've been trying to track down random lockups of my Unraid server for the last few months, system becomes unresponsive, no WebUI, Telnet, FTP or file access, for around several minutes, then everything goes back to normal, always has the same error in the logs: Feb 24 03:45:57 Server kernel: timekeeping watchdog: Marking clocksource 'tsc' as unstable, because the skew is too large: Feb 24 03:45:57 Server kernel: 'hpet' wd_now: 9c965a15 wd_last: 9c5bb7c6 mask: ffffffff Feb 24 03:45:57 Server kernel: 'tsc' cs_now: 30da64fb569e cs_last: 2ff9f2884ef6 mask: ffffffffffffffff Feb 24 03:45:57 Server kernel: Hangcheck: hangcheck value past margin! Feb 24 03:45:57 Server kernel: Switched to clocksource hpet I managed to track the problem down to having the Emby docker running, if I disable the docker, the server runs flawlessly. I setup Plex, and the system ran perfectly for a week, re-enabled the Emby docker, system crashed again within a few hours. I have nuked the Emby docker, and started again, have also tried two different repositories. Running Unraid 6.1.8 Pro, no extra plugins, other then the Emby docker. System is: AMD Phenom II X4 955, ASUS M5A97 EVO, 4gb Ram, 120gb SSD cache (docker and appdata, on SSD), 11 HDD 22TB array, all disks formated in XFS. Diagnostic info is attached. server-diagnostics-20160224-0740.zip Emby_Log.txt
  6. Ever since upgrading to V6, I've been getting random stalling on my Unraid server, no access with Web GUI Telnet or FTP, server is unreachable for about 5 mins, then it's all fine again, didn't happen very often, once every couple of weeks, but done it a few times the other night, so figure it's time to look into it. Currently running v6.1.6, with Emby and RDP-Calibre running as dockers. Diagnostics are attached. Any help would be appreciated. server-diagnostics-20151212-0925.zip
  7. I'm using Unraid 6.01, running Emby in a docker, and using Emby for Kodi on all the Kodi clients, so far it's excellent. I had four clients ( 3xHTPC's and a Laptop) streaming 1080p video earlier, smooth as playback, with all the great Kodi features.
  8. I recently uninstalled all the 3rd party plugins (unraid v6.0.1) trying to track down a fault, when I reinstalled Dynamix Active Streams (2015.06.27), I no longer have an icon under Tools, tried removing and reinstalling it again, still no icon, any ideas on how to fix. Thanks.
  9. Is it alright to stop and restart the array, while preclearing a new drive? Thanks.
  10. While I'm sure most, like me, appreciate the time you took to write that explanation, you're failing to take one thing into consideration, sometimes not everything stored on the server requires backing up. I have around 9TB of data on my server, but only about 2TB is important to me and backed up. If the rest was lost, it is not a big concern. The time it would take to compare that 9TB of data with the backups, even if I did have them, would not be worth it to me. I care about it enough to devote an extra drive as parity, in the chance that if a drive dies, I should be able to recover the data, but if It can't, it's not a big deal. My post was more asking where the errors could have come from, the smart reports don't list any faults, all the Sata cables are quality cables that clip into the drives/motherboard headers, the PSU is more then capable of supplying the required power, and all power outputs are well within spec. I have not had an unclean power down in the last couple of months, so I was unsure where to look for the fault. While I agree that you are crazy not to have any important data backed up, and relying on the parity disk as your only backup is a bad idea, I also think it's just as crazy to preach that everyone should keep a 100% backup up of all the data on the server. Backup your important data, offsite preferably, but why waste storage space and time backing up unimportant data?
  11. Run the correcting parity check, which fixed the 2151 errors, then run another check, no errors found. Will see how it goes from here. Thanks for the help. Dave