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  1. Yes, this give me an idea to create a new free account with plex, which is not tied to a server in anyway, and I tried adding the uncast podcast by url. I am still experiencing the same error message. I guess this is a bug from the plex company's end.
  2. Thanks for your response. I have PlexPass as well, and it kept giving me the same error message saying "something went wrong. an unexpected error occurred." I tried different apps (ios/android) and multiple browsers, but no luck. Found this thread on the plex forum and wondering if this is related to my problem. @ljm42, which plex docker are you using? I am using the linuxserver's plex docker.
  3. I couldn't use the link to add the podcast to plex. Anyone can help?
  4. Anyone using Untangle or OPNSENSE for the firewall? Based on my evaluation of these two software, there is no "bypass firewall rule..." checkbox like pfsense has to allow for asymmetric routing. How can I achieve the same function as the bypass by using additional policy/NAT/routing rules?
  5. I noticed my zwave network (running zwavejs2mqtt & MQTT dockers) becomes unresponsive whenever HandBrake docker is actively encoding. When handbrake encoding starts, my zwave device becomes unresponsive to the command, and after I hit Pause/Stop in HandBrake, the zwave network becomes normal again. I tried installing the HandBrake inside my Windows 10 VM, which has its own isolated 6cores/12threads and stubbed NVME SSD. Even when the entire HandBrake encoding job is running within the VM (the video files is also on the VM's SSD), the zwave network is still being affected by it. Anyone has idea why this is happening and how I can mitigate this problem?
  6. My subtitle language select option is not displayed properly. What am I missing?
  7. @FlippinTurt Sorry to waste your time. The answer to my problem is right in front of me this whole time. "NOTE 3: UnRaid network settings DNS server cannot point to a docker IP." When I set the pihole address in the "LAN DHCP" menu of the router, it automatically updated the unRAID's network DNS server to the pihole's IP. The solution is to strictly use router's "WAN" DNS server setting and leave the DHCP's DNS menu blank (for asus router at least).
  8. @FlippinTurt Thank you for helping. I tried many things, and sort of able to recreate the problem. 1. Docker and router dns server all setup and working properly 2. Server reboot, the pihole-dot-doh stopped functioning. 3. At this point, I can get it to work again by setting the router’s dns server back to known server such as or, etc., and restart/reinstall the docker. 4. Change the router dns back to the pihole-dot-doh address. Somehow the pihole-template docker is immune to the server reboot. I still need to experiment a few variables such as setting the pihole ip address in my asus router’s “LAN DHCP” menu or the “WAN” menu.
  9. Docker was working fine for awhile, but last night I restarted the server and could no longer access the web UI anymore. I pinged the docker's ip ( address and it is responding, and I checked my router's device list and can see the static ip of docker is there. I went ahead and download the "pihole-template" docker and that worked just fine. Not sure what happened after the reboot.
  10. It happened again. After server reboot, ozwdaemon cannot start back up again. I have attached the logs here. Going through it, it seems like some old zwave device is stuck in the stick and causing problems. Can someone please help verify this? Perhaps I need to factory reset the stick? logs.zip
  11. After rebooting, the shares are back to normal. Thank you! Now the "fix common problems" are reporting "/var/log is getting full (currently 100 % used)." What can I do to mitigate this? tower-diagnostics-20210104-1234.zip
  12. @JorgeB Okay, that makes sense. It was the last thing I did. I was trying spaceinvader1's script on dumping the VBIOS of my primary GPU. I will try disabling it.
  13. After a server reboot, all user share just disappeared. I have attached the diagnostic file. Please help. tower-diagnostics-20210104-1145.zip
  14. @FoxxMD, thank you for the assistance. It is working now. Upon inspecting the log, it seems like the problem was not being able to connect to MQTT due to incorrect username/password. I re-entered the username/password in the MQTT/ozwdaemon dockers several times but that did not fix the problem. I ended up having to delete everything inside "passwords.mqtt" file and start fresh.
  15. @FoxxMD, thank you for the reply. I have double checked the IP address, and it is correct. How do I check if the MQTT server is reachable or not? I don't see ozw folder in my appdata share. The docker's configuration is shown in the attached picture. I don't find any filed to map the Config folder like other dockers I had. Is this something I need to add manually? Or am I looking at the wrong place?