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  1. sorry, did forget to mention that I checkt that already too. I guess it is either saved to a db or a config file. I also checked some of the config files from within the container via console I probably would have already tried to remove the container and start over again but if it is stored to a db that would help neither. I also just noticed that if a try to access the container over the "ip:port" than I get instant redirected to "https://http//kutt.mydoma.in"
  2. awesome work Thank you. I would like to use kutt. unfortunately I filled the domain field in the template initial with the Protokoll `https://kutt.mydoma.in/` I already did change it to just `kutt.mydoma.in` but still, if I start the webui (from unraid) the browser try to open `https://https//kutt.mydoma.in` How can I change this? I couldn't find a entry in the postgresql database. Where is this info stored? Does anybody do have a valid config for use with the swag container (Nginx config)?
  3. OK 😅 even if I would understand what a Replica Set is and why I would need it ... as long as the server does not start, I guess i have no chance to do what ever needs to be done as mentioned here. So for now, I will stick to the version 4.4.3
  4. Hi, I just updates to the latest version, all settings to default. Now the container does not start anymore. The log shows the message: BadValue: security.keyFile is required when authorization is enabled with replica sets try 'mongod --help' for more information How can I fix this. thx
  5. not at the moment 😅 I really need that thing up and running as I use it for production. You know "never touch a running system" 😛 unless you have time left to fix it up which i (sadly) don’t have at the moment. maybe i try one of the prebuilt images. I really appreciate your affort 👍🏻 thank you
  6. yes I am still on the stable 6.8.3 Wow, unbelievable how impudent some are. i just want to get rid of the extra raspberry pi where octoprint is running. To achieve this i need the ffmpeg package as suggested here. But I guess I can live with the extra pi until there is a official solution! thanks anyway. But allow me one more question. are there downsides installing a custom kernel? i mean, can break something (when upgrading unraid for example)
  7. Hi, i am getting some db error since the last update. the db seems to be ok 🤷🏻‍♂️ does anyone else have issues too? [2021-02-10T19:04:28.849837+00:00] [NULL] Access.NOTICE - Worker started in /etc/shlink with ID 11 [2021-02-10T19:04:28.850083+00:00] [NULL] Access.NOTICE - Worker started in /etc/shlink with ID 12 [2021-02-10T19:04:28.851492+00:00] [NULL] Access.NOTICE - Worker started in /etc/shlink with ID 10 [2021-02-10T19:04:28.851855+00:00] [NULL] Access.NOTICE - Worker started in /etc/shlink with ID 13 [2021-02-10T19:04:28.851866+00:00] [NULL] Access.NOTICE - Worker started in /
  8. Hi, there is no more "Unraid Kernel Helper" or do I miss something? Is there a other way? thx
  9. Hi @Stubbs try: user: admin password: yacy
  10. 😔 not for me. If I try to access over subdomain I get the "400 Bad Request" Error. Access over IP shows something but the resources (images,js,css) still are mapped to the subdomain (web console says 400 too) so I get a weird looking site. Do the update need some adjustments on the Nginx config? Thats all I get from the log file Starting provisioner... [WARNING]: Found both group and host with same name: localhost [WARNING]: Platform linux on host localhost is using the discovered Python interpreter at /usr/bin/python3, but future installation of anoth
  11. Hi @wazabees have the same issue. For now just do a rollback to Version 2.3.8. Klick on the Wallabag icon and choose Edit. Then change the Repository from `:latest` to `:2.3.8` and hit apply at the bottom. Keep in mind that your are stuck to this version until you change it back to `:latest` or what ever
  12. Hi, I have the same Problem "WebSocket close ..." I really don't know when it did stop working. I upgraded from letsencrypt to swag maybe two weeks ago (maybe since then). I did drop the files (nginx.conf, ldap.conf, ssl.conf, proxy.conf) into a temp folder and restart the swag container... the files did get newly created. But it still does not work. Any ideas? thx
  13. Oh ok, thats easy. I found that guide for all of you who would like to give that solution a try. I can easy set up a VPN in my unifi controller... but I guess it is way more user friendly to access the server via a subdomain for example. From the security point of view, that should not be a huge problem with the mentioned provisions.
  14. It would be great if we can expose the GUI easily to the Internet. The major concerns with that ... - the default user named 'root' - no 2-FA - no fail2ban - ... I know there is always a way to get things up and running, but it would be awesome to see this as default options in a future release. so, please add those features as a default to this already great product. (I read about that, but its outdated)