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  1. Check the forum, binhex had to make a change to the deluge container and you need to change your sonar/radar to local host. details are in the comments near the end
  2. Much appreciated. Thank you for all of your hard work.
  3. I have deluge up and running with the new version. Sab/Radarr/Sonarr can all communicate and I changed everything to local host and added the additional ports. All good. I run curl they all come out of the VPN. Containers are connected to Deluge with --net=container:Delugevpn. I saw some other posts but no resolution on how to get Radarr/Sonarr to talk to plex for media updates that are not running through a VPN. I would prefer not to have plex run through the VPN. Any advice out there?
  4. I've been reading some conflicting posts that say the dynamix trim plugin is required and others saying that unraid natively supports trim now. Should I be running the dynamix plugin for my SSD cache or is unraid taking care of it? If unraid has support for it natively is there anything I need to do to enable trim support or is it done automatically?
  5. I’m sure others will chime in but if it were me I would add drives big enough to unraid with unassigned devices, copy your data to those drives, detach them and then erase the data on unraid. When you want to restore that data you can re connect those drives via unassigned devices and copy the data back in. Parity will remain intact and you can use those drives for other projects while your backups are safely stored.
  6. I'm an iphone guy but from what I understand there is a deluge application available for remote management and that seems to be the go to.
  7. Is this a new hardware setup or are you replacing the CPU?
  8. I'm a new unraid user myself. Think of unraid as one of those linux distrobutions that you can boot off of a flash drive. Everything works off of ram once the machine is booted. You can even back up the contents of your flash drive if you click main in the menu system and select flash to your local computer. I recent passed 100 days of uptime. The software is solid as a rock. Any drives you add are "Storage" Either fast Cache SSD (or if you want HDD) or Array (which can be HDD or SDD) It's so flexible its silly. Unraid is honestly the best software value i've main in 10 years.
  9. I finally figured it out. It wasnt an issue with my router or docker networking. My issue was with deluge. I added the wireguard lan ( under Container Variable: LAN_NETWORK and it all works now.
  10. I changed the subnet to and insured that use nat was set to off. I’ve read through the threads. I’m not sure where I’m going wrong.
  11. From the posts I saw from others in squids suggestion that was the subnet being used by the people that had it working. I would love to switch to ubiquity but I just dropped my fun money on this build and a pile of hard drives so it’s what I have to work with right now. If you have any ideas please let me know. I can route across networks just fine. It’s only the containers I run through deluge that I can’t access outside the Lan.
  12. Squid, Thank you for the reply. I created a static route in my netgear router but I still am unable to connect to those containers. Screenshot attached of my router configuration. The Unraid machine's ip on the lan is the I think I have everything else right though. I tried checking and unchecking the private box.
  13. I connect to unraid remotely through WireGuard. When I have containers routed through delugevpn to private internet access I can access them on the Lan but not remotely when connecting through WireGuard. It’s only containers that are going through deluge. Any idea on what I need to change to be able to connect to those containers when outside the Lan?
  14. Most of us are here using unraid for our media servers. I think it would be awesome to have a way to connect unraid to a vpn provider and have the option in a docker drop down to tell the container to connect through the vpn instead of hacking containers together with ones that have some kind of vpn support. IP forwarding is usually required for those containers and it’s getting harder and harder to find servers that actually support it.
  15. I have a Mini Itx B450 board running an amd 3700X cpu and a Quadro P2000 gpu. This board has 2 M.2 slots. The slot on the top of the board has an m.2 to sata breakout into 5 sata ports so I can run a total of 9 sata drives using the other 4 on the board. I have the option of plugging In an NVME drive on the back of the board but if I do that it drops my PCIe lane on the GPU from 16x to 8x. Would I see any difference In performance going to 8x for transcoding?
  16. This may or may not need to be in the docker containers section but I might be using wireguard to get this done at the "Settings" level so I'm posting it here. I've run docker containers through the Deluge vpn using Private internet access. They are switching to a new network and the Servers that provide port forwarding have for the most part gone dark except for the Czech server. To keep it short this is my question. Is there any way to connect to private internet access via wireguard and run docker containers through that VPN connection? I know how to do it with servers that support IP forwarding in deluge but those are going away. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  17. I have a substantial media library that I want to back up to multiple external hard drives. I know how to do this on my old Qnap but I'm having a tough time finding a container or application to accomplish this. The backup would more than likely span multiple drives. Is there a good way to accomplish my goal? I have unassigned devices installed and I've used it for some other tasks. I know that's a given. These drives are not going to be attached to unraid when in storage.
  18. I've researched this myself. It has to do with the priority of the notification. If its just an all is healthy you get the notification but no popup or sound as the priority assigned to that notification is -1. If a disk is failing or something has an issue the priority is set to one or greater with the notification. When that happens you will get sound and a popup.
  19. I deleted the VM for the third time and this time it worked. I dont know why but problem solved.
  20. Hello, I am trying to install an Ubuntu 20.04 virtual machine. I cant get past the ubuntu logo. It scans the disk and has a spinny ubutu logo. I ran it for 10 hours last night but it doesnt go any further. If I press an arrow key it brings up a console that shows me whats going on. Any help would be appreciated.
  21. Thank you for the reply. I already had a p2000 for a GPU so I planned on using that. As for the case I plan on replacing the fans inside. If I dont get decent thermal performance I will check out the fractal design case. Thank you for your reply. I appreciate your response.