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  1. If you want some help with the multiple card support, I have two Nvidia GPUs and some time I can volunteer.
  2. If you have "User Scipts" installed, create a new script with the following and set it to run on first start of the array. #!/bin/bash #set persistence mode nvidia-smi -pm 1 If you were running any other patches on your card, you could insert them in the same script.
  3. On this morning's release there appears to be a typo in parity.check.tuning.php. Line 1396 the switch statement has a curly brace on the conditional rather than a paren.
  4. This command will enumerate the networks configured in docker docker network ls Find the entry for your host networking, and use the inspect command on it to see if IPv6 is active on that interface: docker inspect <yourIDhere> | grep v6
  5. From the docker tab toggle advanced on to get the container ID. It will look like "d61de8b911c5". Go into the terminal of the host machine, and use the docker inspect command: docker inspect d61de8b911c5 | grep v6 This will extract the IPv6 lines from the running docker's config.
  6. Koshy, have you tried setting persistence mode on for your card? nvidia-smi -pm 1 I did this for my pair of 1660 Supers, and after a few minutes they drop from P0 to P8.
  7. Firstly let me thank the developer(s) for their work and an excellent container. My unRAID server is only about a month old, and I'm slowly working through optimizing everything in it. I have a pair of 1660 Supers in my machine, one I've isolated for use in a Win10 gaming VM (primary position) and a second I use for transcoding (currently passed through to Plex and Handbrake, though the latter is generally not running). Transcoding works like a charm in Plex, and I've scaled it to twenty HEVC>1080p transcodes with resources left to spare on the card. When the transcoding stops, however, the card stays in P0 consuming about 35W compared to my isolated card that sits in P8 consuming about 11W. I have persistence mode enabled on both cards. If I restart the Plex container the card will immediately drop to P8. Does anyone else see this behavior or have thoughts on how I might get the card to idle properly without having to manually restart the container?