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  1. It's what I've read here on the forums. No first hand experience, no. Because I still don't have an AMD unraid setup.
  2. Did any of the owners of this board actually test these beta bios'es and check if it resolves the issues (like network speed etc)?
  3. No, I don't. But you may be right about that. This board's only got two PCIexpress slots, one x16 and one x1. All the rest are old school PCI slots. That's saying something. I think the time has come to upgrade my unRaid box. 😁
  4. Sorry for the late reply, didn't get around to it yesterday. I tried your suggestion, but nothing happens. When setting this as a static address and switching the cable, the lights of the NIC don't start to blink. It's like the card is turned off.
  5. No, I removed the disk, had the system rebuild parity and everything is peachy again. Except for the fact that I now only have 89 GB free space left. 😳 But that's fixed easily enough. 😇 Thanks for trying to help!
  6. Thanks both. That was simple enough! 🙈 Parity building is now humming along nicely. It'll probably be done by midnight. Cheers for the swift response!
  7. Hi all, A while back unraid reported that one of my disks was starting to fail (showing errors), so I decided to copy all the stuff of the disk to other disks in the array and remove it. Luckily, there was not much stuff on it. I couldn't copy all files because some files were acting weird. I couldn't even delete them, and hence, I couldn't delete the folder they were in on the disk. I decided to simply remove the disk ; I still had a copy of what was left on the disk elsewhere, so not a problem. I shut down the system and removed the disk.
  8. No. They don't even show up in explorer. Nor in Unraid, when I click though the folder view directly on the disk (on the "main" tab). Strangely enough, Unraid does not say "no files", but rather "No listing: Too many files" (but doesn't show any). Edit : nevermind, I was going to remove this disk anyway, and now I did. Guess I'll never know what happened, but it doesn't matter also.
  9. I'm in the same board, so I'll follow this topic. My setup is an Asus Intel board with a E8500 Dual core. It's more than 10 years old and indeed getting a bit long in the teeth. I'm also on the lookout for a nice setup. Now leaning towards AMD because they give you more bang for your buck, but on the other hand they immediately force you to also install a video card with it because their APU's are hard to come by (the more powerful ones anyway, like the 4700G or 4750G Pro) Usually you can't even buy them officially (OEM only). Another downside from those APU's is that they alwa
  10. Thanks for the info! But alas, it doesn't work. The files are still there. When I do "ls" on that specific directory, it also seems as it the files have no attributes? (see Putty screenshot). Very strange!
  11. I'm trying to remove a disk that's starting to go bad from the array. Before I do that, I'm trying to copy everything from the disk to the rest of the array with Unbalance. That worked, sorta. I've got one specific directory in which there are 20 or so files that don't move. In the end I started midnight commander via a terminal window and tried like that, but it says : "Cannot stat "filename" - No such file or directory". All the files are now in red with a question mark as the first character in their filename. Is there a way to get rid of these files, or is this
  12. That was it!! Cheers for that! I can now click "plan", and the planning starts, but I can still not click move or copy, or uncheck "dry run". But this is probably because there's not enough free space left on the destination drive. Strange, I thought there was. Certainly when I count the cache drive too, but maybe Unbalance doesn't move to the cache drive? Edit : indeed, it was because of too little space on the destination drive, because if I go further up the tree, effectively lowering the amount of data that needs to be transferred, I can move it.
  13. I'll try that tomorrow, got to go to work now. Thanks for the help so far!
  14. No problem. I've just switched both cards to my Windows machine, but indeed, both run 3.1.88, so no newer firmware available.
  15. On another note, I've also noticed that TP-link now also makes such 10Gbit cards. Are those more recent in their firmware? Maybe also support WOL etc? (don't need it right now, but you never know...)