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  1. ChatNoir's post in what does the delete option box in mover action section do. was marked as the answer   
    Hi @vdaniel2,
    it is not in "the mover section" per se, it is on its own.

    It is only available on empty shares and if you tick the box and then apply it will delete the share.
  2. ChatNoir's post in Price – localised, or just US dollars? was marked as the answer   
    Pretty sure it is charged as USD.
  3. ChatNoir's post in 如何关闭unraid选项说明 was marked as the answer   
    Here :

  4. ChatNoir's post in email / notification to Unraid release for ?Build Updates? was marked as the answer   
    I simply subscribed to the Announcement subforum.
    And I configured the forum to send me an email when new messages are added to subscribed forums or threads.
  5. ChatNoir's post in 请问下怎么修改用户名呢 was marked as the answer   
    @3FniuFnG9qk7yYf you should contact support.
  6. ChatNoir's post in Unable to locate Flash Backup Storage Location. was marked as the answer   
    The flash is backed up online and you can download the last version here :



  7. ChatNoir's post in Auto-(re)mount NFS shares after power failure or reboot was marked as the answer   
    UD is a community plugin.
    You should seek support for it in the support thread :
    This sub-forum is dedicated to NFS shares from the Unraid server.
  8. ChatNoir's post in all shares are unprotected was marked as the answer   
  9. ChatNoir's post in Pool selectable for secondary storage (pool-to-pool mover) was marked as the answer   
    It is already in the works.
    Should be available for 6.13 or 6.14.
  10. ChatNoir's post in Migration was marked as the answer   
    Bonjour, globalement oui.
    Toutefois, si tu as des VMs sur lesquels tu as passé des éléments HW, il faudra certainement y faire attention. Je ne suis pas un expert, mais si c'est le cas, je pourrais te donner quelques pistes.
    Oui, probablement en coupant les services Docker et VM auparavant pour que tout puisse être déplacé sans problème.
    Normalement, pas de désastre à prévoir. Mais quelques étapes à suivre. La plupart seront inutiles s'il n'y a pas de soucis, mais il vaut mieux prendre le temps de le faire plutôt que de regretter.
    En gros :
    mets à jour tous tes plugins (optionnel) lance un Parity check pour s'assurer qu'il n'y a pas de soucis désactive le démarrage automatique de l'Array désactive le démarrage automatique des dockers (onglet docker) désactive le démarrage automatique des VMs (onglet VM) désactive le service docker (onglet Settings) désactive le service VM (onglet Settings) déplace les données de ton cache vers l'Array soit avec le mover (mais ça demande de modifier toutes les Shares dans un sens, puis dans l'autre) soit avec un outil annexe (Unbalance, Midnight Commander) ; si tu n'es pas certain, demande ou reste avec le Mover fait une sauvegarde de ta clé USB exporte un diagnostics note l'assignation de tes disques (un imprime écran de Main fait souvent le taff) bascule tes disques sur ta nouvelle machine avec ton nouveau cache Boot vérifie que tous tes disques sont bien reconnus et bien assignés assigne ton nouveau cache démarre l'Array il devrait demander de formatter ton nouveau cache, vérifie que c'est bien le bon disque et si oui, fait le déplace les données de l'Array vers ton nouveau cache à l'inverse de la dernière fois active le service docker (onglet Settings) lance tes dockers un par un et vérifie qu'ils sont fonctionnels réactive le lancement auto des dockers que tu souhaites active le service VM (onglet Settings) lance tes VMs une par une et vérifie qu'elles sont fonctionnelles réactive le lancement auto des VMs que tu souhaites réactive le démarrage automatique de l'Array si tu le souhaites (optionnel) lance un Parity check pour s'assurer que tout s'est bien passé Si tu as un doute sur une étape ou une autre, demande.
    Si un truc se passe mal, demande.
    J'ai beaucoup décomposé, mais ça devrait bien se passer.  
  11. ChatNoir's post in xfs encrypted cache pool was marked as the answer   
    RAID modes are only available with BTRFS and ZFS.
    You would have to backup and recreate the pool in a FS that support RAID.
  12. ChatNoir's post in The traversal of the file system in Unraid is very slow. was marked as the answer   
    And for shares only on a pool, the Exclusif access share option could be helpful for file access time.
    Also, this has nothing to do with the forum's config or whatever.

    Let's move that to general
  13. ChatNoir's post in ERROR GENERATING FLASH BACKUP was marked as the answer   
    Just tried again and it works now.
    I guess its either a backend issue or backups that don't work correctly and are somehow blocking the process. 🤷‍♂️
  14. ChatNoir's post in Formatting Cache Drive - No options available was marked as the answer   
    You have to assign you cache drive to a pool first I think.
    Then Unraid will format the drive when starting the Array.
  15. ChatNoir's post in USB flash creator 2.1 was marked as the answer   
    I didn't do that for quite some time but you should try the manual method:
  16. ChatNoir's post in Provide some stats for Community App developers was marked as the answer   
    This would be part of the Community Applications plugin, not Unraid itself.
    You should probably ask there : 
  17. ChatNoir's post in Unable to register activation code was marked as the answer   
    Hi @brdje, for this kind of issues, there is not much the volunteers of the forum can do.
    You should contact support from the email used for the purchase and as much details as possible. They should help you out quickly.  
  18. ChatNoir's post in UNRAID wont Turn off UPS after shutdown was marked as the answer   
    6.2.4 RC might improve that ?
  19. ChatNoir's post in Obtenir Journalisation Unraid avant redemarrage was marked as the answer   
    Ca semble lié au plugin Unraid Connect.
    Tu auras plus de chance d'avoir des réponses sur le sous-forum officel :
    (par contre, c'est en anglais)
  20. ChatNoir's post in Plex server getting new Nvidia card was marked as the answer   
    Editing a docker template or updating should not cause any issue to a container properly setup.
    The configuration and database should be in appdata and the change should be painless.  
  21. ChatNoir's post in Unraid forum - "Unread" stopped working? was marked as the answer   
    Already reported :
    Its most certainly the same base issue underneath.
  22. ChatNoir's post in Cache pool is almost full but total file size not mach by far was marked as the answer   
    Several things could be in play here :
    BTRFS does not report free space very well in RAID modes when using an ODD number of devices. Thought it is generally not too bad when there is little free space. Krusader is known to be inaccurate on that There is probably a question of GB vs GiB
  23. ChatNoir's post in Using "My Servers" URL for other apps was marked as the answer   
    No, it is only for Unraid's administration.
    People generally set up a wireguard link to have an access to a larger portion of the server/network.
    I think there is a guide on the forums. Possibly Youtube videos too.
  24. ChatNoir's post in Server freezes was marked as the answer   
    Not particularly with this CPU or generation that I know of, however Ryzen plateforms do have some quirks with linux. You should check this :
  25. ChatNoir's post in Server cannot access internet WAN (SOLVED) was marked as the answer   
    Good catch.
    @WeeZeeNed, try to fix the time and date in BIOS, it might interfere with proper network or server to server communication.
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