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  1. That worked for me, upgraded to the latest beta, then replaced the bzroot files and booted it up. I was able to then pass through my nvidia card! Thank you!
  2. Thank you for doing this, I was getting in over my head trying to figure it out. I will give it a try over the weekend. For the record I am running this on a Cisco UCS C-240-M4 with 2x Xeon CPU E5-2667 v3
  3. Thanks for that info and the links! I am really getting in deep fast here and it is frustrating and fun. It looks like I will have to see if I can learn how to extract and repack microcode. I did find a thread talking about that, so I will look at that in the next few days.
  4. Good info, how did you load that version? It is likely the intel microcode include in version RC1 "intel-microcode: version 20201118"
  5. I am trying to get unraid (6.9 rc2) running as a vm on 6.7 U3 with a P400 GPU passthrough. When I add "hypervisor.cpuid.v0=FALSE" to the config file it will not boot with more than 1 cpu assigned. It appears like it is tries to load the Intel Micro Code and halts. I have tried disabling the microcode with the disable security mitigations plugin, but I still seeing in the hypervisor logs that it tries to load them. With 1 CPU it tries to as well, but doesn't seem to issue the CPU reset as listed in the logs. Below is the log from the vm with 2 or more CPUs 2021-01-11T02:51:41.855Z| vcp
  6. I know this is an old thread, but for anyone that stumbles across it looking for advice. I did get this working on 6.8.3 with the PAN os 9.1.2 qcow image (I did not try any other version). See below for my setting and I added 8 NICs the first being the management NIC. It takes a while to startup and I do get some errors (see screen shot), but it works well and I get the performance I need (500mbps down and 20mbps up).
  7. Just to follow up here. Thanks to @ich777 I was able to figure out my issue, it was the pcie power. I put the card in a different machine and it worked fine, so I knew it wasn't the card. So I pulled the PSU out of another box and powered the card with that PSU while in my main server and it works! So I just ordered what I needed to make it a permanent fix. Thank you for those that helped me.
  8. I tried this with a new blank config and saw the same issues and I also tried ich777 - Nvidia/DVB Kernel Helper/Builder Docker with the same results. So there must be something with my hardware and the nvidia driver, I just do not know where to begin on how to troubleshoot it. Any advice would be appreciated.
  9. Thank you, I did recover by going back to the standard files. I tried again with the NVIDIA drivers and had the same results. Put it back to the standard Unraid version again and then tried a 3rd time with the latest NVIDIA 6.9.0(22) with the same results. I have reverted back to 6.8.3 standard, but does anyone have any suggestions on getting this to work so I can use my NVIDIA card? I am hoping to use it for my plex docker for transcoding.
  10. Yes sorry, typo there. I AM able to login with ssh, not the gui.
  11. I tried installing this yesterday and after the reboot, my OS does not start all the way. I am unable able to log in with ssh, but not through the GUI. I see these logs in syslog and if I reboot per the message it is the same. It does start all the way in safe mode. Jun 30 20:13:20 Tower root: plugin: installing: /boot/config/plugins/Unraid-Nvidia.plg Jun 30 20:13:20 Tower root: plugin: running: anonymous Jun 30 20:13:20 Tower root: Jun 30 20:13:20 Tower root: Jun 30 20:13:20 Tower root: Jun 30 20:13:20 Tower root: Jun 30 20:13:20 Tower root: plugin: running: anonymous Jun 30 20:13:20 Towe