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  1. If you set width to 1921 px (and more), left column doesn't have margin :
  2. Project Page info isn't available anymore with the beta ? It's a feature I like for following development.
  3. I updated my server : - i5-10400 - 2x8 GB 3200Mhz - BeQuiet Gold psu - 2x8 Tb - 3 SSD With HDD spin off, I'm at 32W, 10 more watts than my previous build, but with a 3x more powerful.
  4. Thanks for the tip, I have been verified but no, I have no CRON at this time. I continue to investigate
  5. I think about it but I do not see what could turn the disk back on. I have Plex on my AppleTV, but docker was off that night so.
  6. Stopped docker at 00:36, spinning up at 08:34 (docker still stopped) Sep 23 00:36:02 Sparta root: stopping dockerd ... Sep 23 00:36:03 Sparta root: waiting for docker to die ... ... Sep 23 08:34:10 Sparta emhttpd: read SMART /dev/sdd Sep 23 08:34:10 Sparta emhttpd: cmd: /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix/scripts/tail_log syslog
  7. Spinning disk coincides with these files and the time. These are files related to VMs, except that they are off ! Sep 21 22:36:10 Sparta emhttpd: read SMART /dev/sdd I saw these files is supposed to be on cache and not on disk1. I will change that.
  8. I never tested. I will try to disable docker this night.
  9. Yes, I forgot the diagnostic, sorry 😬
  10. Hello, I have a problem, randomly, my hard drive spin up. It can be 2x per day or 5 times on 2 hours. This is what I setup : - all shares are on cache (Yes / Prefer) - Plex CRON only the night - I use plugin called File Activty and Open Files - I installed SSD cache directory but no better results. Right now, nothing are opened in File Activy, in Open Files, I don't see any reference to disk1. When I tried ti manualy spin down the disk, it spin up immediately : Sep 21 22:15:23 Sparta emhttpd: spinning down /dev/sdd Sep 21 22:15:39 Sparta emhttpd: read SMART /dev/sdd Sep 21 22:17:03 Sparta emhttpd: spinning down /dev/sdd Sep 21 22:17:11 Sparta emhttpd: read SMART /dev/sdd What can I do ? Thanks
  11. You're running insane build ! GZ everyone. And there are me with 8Tb usable 🤣
  12. Tried to install but VM crashes during installation, this is last events on log file : 2021-09-14 20:30:32.538+0000: Domain id=4 is tainted: high-privileges 2021-09-14 20:30:32.538+0000: Domain id=4 is tainted: custom-argv 2021-09-14 20:30:32.538+0000: Domain id=4 is tainted: host-cpu
  13. Okay thank you, and in the future, can I switch back to Parity without loosing data ? (When I re-add a disk).
  14. Resolved by renaming EFi- to EFI. Solution :
  15. Hello, I upgraded my hardware configuration from an Asus B85M-G / i5-4440 to an MSI B560M Pro / i5-10400. I just plugged the old usb key to an USB port on the motherboard. Selected manual boot but when I choose the USB key, display blink and returns to the select usb key. I also tried to put on BIOS only USB key on boot, it doesn't work, it boot on BIOS like the usb key was "broken". Update : - I tried with a Windows 10 USB stick, it worked. - I tried to switch UEFI bios to CSM, BIOS don't boot - I re-flashed a new USB stick with "Allow UEFI boot" enable, don't work.
  16. I don’t have the disk anymore. I sent back to Amazon. Repair can takes 1 month. Smart test failed each time.
  17. Hello, My data drive died. It remains one parity drive. For the moment I can't replace the data drive with new drive. How switch the parity drive to a data drive without losing data ? (I know my array will be unprotected). I read some wiki documentation but I'm afraid to do mistake. Thank you !
  18. I'm feeling dumb, I set the container with movies / tv path, launched the webui, checked settings (all to default), but nothing appears in the queue. I have a lot of x264 to transcode in x265 but logs tells there are nothing to transcode : Starting migrations There is nothing to migrate
  19. Hey @alexta69 ! I am not the best person to answer. I'm just trying to help the community. But yes user/group are managed with PUID/PGID in unRAID. You can view the template here : Don't hesitate to tell me if you want to take ownership of the template and manage it!
  20. Because I'm little bit paranoid 🤣 So, to not loose data, I remove the bad disk and start the array without. I stay like this the time of the repair, when the new disk arrives, I assign the new disk in the array and I start the parity?
  21. Okay thank you, I'll sent back to Amazon for a repair ! What I need to do before the repair ? The disk was XFS Encrypted, preclear is useless ?
  22. I format the disk and add again to unRAID, this is the SMART test : Is it good or bad ? Thank you
  23. I switched the cable & Sata port. MB still beeping 2 times at the boot and HDD made a odd noise. This is the new diag :
  24. Hello, Suddenly this evening my MB started to beeping (6 times), disks was missing in the array. And spammed with error in logs : Aug 31 21:07:39 Sparta kernel: blk_update_request: I/O error, dev sdd, sector 13858305560 op 0x0:(READ) flags 0x0 phys_seg 32 prio class 0 After a reboot, the disk is now listed under unassigned device : I checked SATA / Power connection, everything seems ok. I don't use molex adaptater. This is my diagnostic :