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  1. Hi everyone, I have lots of notifications about health of disks (probably SMART), about 5-8 per days. I also have a problems with one of my cache pool, it's not correctly reporting the size. The pool have 3 SSD's 2x 250GB and 1 240GB. This gives me 370GB, I have used 295GB and have 57.8GB left, I should have 75GB left. That may be normal(not sure) but I try to find what's happening with all those smart check. I had only the first for a couple years then added the 2 extras recently after I upgraded to 6.10.2. Note that I also upgraded my parity drive to 4TB and I now use the old parity drive as a disk in my array. <-- I don't think it matters but, in case. ** I included screenshots and diagnostics. I see nothing that can be related to that, maybe someone could. Thank you in advance for any help.
  2. [Interface] PrivateKey = ****** Address = DNS = [Peer] PublicKey = ****** AllowedIPs = Endpoint = PresharedKey = *******
  3. Confirmed, I added a new location a everything work as intended! Thank you and sorry for the late response, I was busy as hell.
  4. Windscribe also support WireGuard, I've been using them for years without any problems. There's a config generator for WireGuard/IKEV2/OpenVPN so you can use it anywhere you want (not locked to their app). You can even make your own plan. I currently pay 3$CAD per month for all USA location + unlimited bandwidth + free location. I used an affiliate link, if for some reason you don't want to use it just remove everything after .com. I'm also not working for them... It's really the one that I use and highly recommend and I used a lot. Perfect for users like us. I'll stop selling them and let see by yourself 😆, I really just love them ! EDIT: If you use my link you also get 1GB of extra bandwidth for the free plan. Note that you need a paid account to use WireGuard. EDIT: I found out that the PresharedKey is not imported from the config file, you need to enter it manually in the Unraid/Wireguard interface. Work like a charm. Thank you very much Fixed In 6.10.RC6
  5. First, sorry if I got the wrong section, but it seems compulsive in my opinion 😁 I have scavenged 3 switches from work since they moved to cloud. I have a Cisco 2960-S, a 2960-X <-- this one is pretty loud! and a 4 ports unmanaged switch the 100 series. I also want to pfsense, I'm gonna use this no matter what. What I need: One VLAN for Unraid, docker and VMs. One VLAN for my work computer One VLAN for my wife's work computer One VLAN for everything else (TV, etc), I also have a cisco router with some AP. I want to separate all of that so nothing can "talk" to each other. I still want to access my docker containers from my work computer. Can it be done? Is there a better way, not implying all of this? I need to know before beginning this "journey", time is not on my side. Thank you for any suggestion.
  6. haha, I have a bad case, the button is at the same height as the case and it's pretty big. I often press it accidentally.
  7. I found the problem, Windows automatically changed my time zone when I rebooted, I accidentally press the power button with my ass when I went to take the Unraid USB from the server. In a matter of fact, it's that or something reseated properly when I put back my 2 sticks of memory. The memory error from system log are also gone.
  8. Thanks, I didn't knew that. I looked into the logs and found nothing, even the unraid-api is starting successfully. There's something about NUMA node not being recognized successfully but also tell that's it's just going to affect performance. I forgot to put my hardware in the initial post, i'll update it now. thanks
  9. Hi, I have a weird problem, at first I had lots of errors about memory in system log, something about channel, related to NUMA? I still don't know. I rebooted the system and it wasn't booting with the board error code Ad Anyway I removed 2 RAM stick and now the system boot ok with no error. But, now I can't connect to Unraid via the GUI or SSH. When I ping the Unraid local IP, I got responses. When I try to SSH, I got this: Connection failed. FlowSocketConnector: Failed to connect to target address. Windows error 10061: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it. The SSH session has been terminated. The Web UI just won't connect, like if the "website" doesn't exist. Then, I took a flash backup that is almost a month old. Same thing. Starting Unraid in GUI mode (with no plugins) just gives me a blinking cursor. I know that's solving a problem with no error code can be difficult. here's my hardware: 2x Xeon 2650-v3 4x 8gb ecc-ram @ 2400 X99 Chinese board, witch have in reality an Intel 612 chipset. Quadro k4000 Every drive is unplugged but my nvme Any help is much appreciated, thank you.
  10. I do almost the same as you, expose only my reverse proxy on the internet, and Plex like I said. ( I could use that reverse proxy for plex too but it's on another computer and isolated from everything else so I don't really care. They can listen to my movies if they want ) I wasn't sure for Unraid, since it uses root as the user for docker. That's probably the case for VM's too anyway. I too have those on a separate docker network. Since it's root, I doubt that it matters. I've done it just so I could use "localhost" instead of the IP for the containers linked to it I'm probably just being paranoid. I've been running that reverse proxy with docker for at least a year. With 0 problem. I wanted it the be more secure, just in case something happen. But like you said. I could just make sure that my passwords and backups are encrypted. Thanks
  11. шею? You mean Swag? It's awesome, it's a mix of Nginx as a server, a reverse proxy with fail2ban, auto certs renew, etc. Recommendations from MDN as of security as already configured with some extra headers that you can easily turn on. Lot's of config for the most popular docker containers are in too. If you like playing with config files instead of a GUI, that one's for you.
  12. I currently have port 443 forwarded to a reverse proxy, Swag container in my case. The Plex port is also open but that's it. I'd like to know if it's more secure to have websites/containers using Unraid Docker OR Use a VM and setup everything on a Linux Distro with everything set as my Docker containers, witch is a couples of containers proxied though swag, I'm also using Nginx on the Swag container to host some websites. I don't plan of using docker inside the VM, just setup everything manually <-- I love that even if it's way more longer/complicated 🥳 The Distro on the VM will be secured as much as it's possible. 🚀 Everything pass through Cloudflare for the extra layer of protection ☁️ I always wondered what the answer to this question was... and yes I know I'm a bit paranoid, I've been hacked too many times already. Obviously, I'm asking for Unraid, not in general. Thank you Steace
  13. Hi, first thanks for this container, it helped me so much. I have problem with plex, actually just the web version that my wife almost only use. It can't read the x265 8bits but have no problems with the 10 bits. The container seems to bypass the files that are already encoded in x265. So how can I make it convert it anyway? I tried to search for ffmpeg command to do that, but only found the contrary, 10bits to 8 bits. And I don't understand shit. EDIT: some 8 bits works... I'll need to investigate that REALLY weird shit... I need help to bypass a nuclear attack... by my wife... Thank you
  14. Hey, I know it's not in the pool but... If you could make the "x" button on notification bigger, or just the space around so when we click near it it close instead of loading the page it came from. That would be awesome! It's really raging, even more when it's a docker notification. Thanks
  15. There isn't one already? /Settings/Scheduler <-- In the URL bar Plugins add it there when you install them. At least for the trim, I think that parity and mover are there by design.
  16. If your looking for a good pool that have lower payout fees, a bit less pool fee and is just awesome, try out (I don't have any affiliation with them, I would have if it was possible😋) They have 0.9% pool fee instead of 1% for Nanopool. Minimum payout is 0.001 XMR and you don't need to wait ages before changing it if you made a mistake. Lot's of cool graphics. You know that you get a reward and how much when a block is found... And many many more! Some changes from Nanopool for this CA App template. If you need to have a worker name to differentiate them add this in the extra parameters, the actual "Worker Name" won't work. --pass WORKER_NAME Since all pools use TLS encryption, also add this to extra parameters: --tls --tls-fingerprint 420c7850e09b7c0bdcf748a7da9eb3647daf8515718f36d9ccfdd6b9ff834b14 Pool addresses, higher port get higher difficulties. So choose the right one accordingly to your hashrate. If you choose a lesser difficulty, you will get paid less for the share found. choose the one that suit your rig. More info about difficulty (~1 kH/s) (~1 kH/s) (~2 kH/s) (~6 kH/s) (~12 kH/s) (~60 kH/s) * (1 kH/s = 1000 H/s) * You can check the actual numbers of miners under the "Ports" tab of the website. The first 2 pools recommend the same hash rate but port 80 have almost double the miners than port 443. I have found the following on Investopedia so do what you think is best for you. Happy Mining 😁
  17. Hi again, Something is wrong with the new template, at least when not using GPU. I got this when using docker run: /usr/bin/docker: bad format for path: . The problem is from the GPU devices, I ended up removing each new line from the XML since I couldn't figure out the problem and that's the one that make it build successfully if that can help you. EDIT: I used an old USB key with Unraid 6.8.3 to setup a new rig, that may be the cause too. P.S. I not sure what you mean by editing/double posting, I usually don't write in forums but yeah I do love notifications, you should see my phones
  18. Hi, it's me again How and where do we put our email/password from nanopool? I just found out that we need that to be configured to change the min/max payout
  19. Ouch... I just googled electricity cost in Australia, 20 to 33.c/kWh depending on state. I pay 0.07c/kWh. That's probably why you care and I don't
  20. For those who have dual Intel Xeon E5 2650-3 (or maybe others Xeon CPU too) I remove the first 6 cores and their threads and now I have 5000-5500H/s instead of ~3500H/s or less on anything else I tried: What I tried = 1 more core/threads plus or minus, all of them, only the first core/thread removed like the OP said, and more. p.s. I also use the OP script and this as additional arguments: --no-color --asm intel --randomx-1gb-pages If that can help anyone 😎 Thanks for putting this docker image in CA 😃, it's really appreciated. I saw you tell people that it's not worth it to put GPU support for it, but ethereum have gone beyond the 4gb mark,lots of people still have 4gb GPU it may be nice to have the possibility to mine monero since we can't do ethereum anymore (maybe with a hack, but probably not recommended). It may not be that profitable, but hey, were doing that for fun mostly. The decision is yours to take, that was just my 2 cents