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  1. I have not yet started the moving project (moving Internet-exposed Nextcloud from Raspi to Server) I explained in my opening post. I wanted to do it in the next couple of days, but now I red some horror stories of users losing all their data because they exposed their Unraid-machines to the internet. Am I getting this right, that exposing a single docker container (nextcloud) with its own fixed IP-Adress by forwarding port 443 (thats what I was planning to do) is not the kind of thing everyone is warning users about (they are exposing the Unraid-UI)? Would you say that what I am planning
  2. I want to upgrade from 1Gbit/s Ethernet to 2,5Gbit/s and would not want to waste my only available PCIe slot on an internal network card. I just found this dongle: "DIGITUS USB Type-C™ Gigabit Ethernet Adapter 2.5G (Chipset: RTL8156)" but discovered here that there seem to be problems with the driver for that specific chipset. Are there any 2,5Gbit/s USB (Type A or C doesnt matter to me) dongles out there that are proven to work with unRaid that you could suggest to me?
  3. Hi, i recently joinded the unRAID community and built my first server. Works fine so far. Now here is my question (I hope I am posting this in the right sub-forum. If not, just let me know): Currently I am running Nextcloud on a Raspberry Pi (installed manually on Raspbian, not dockerized, all data on a SSD attached to the Pi) in my home network. Nextcloud is accessible from the Internet, since my Router is forwarding port 443 to the device. I am using a DDNS service and SSL (Lets Encrypt). The Pi also accesses a SMB-Share provided by my unRAID-Device (located in the same network)
  4. @testdasithanks for the reply. I would rather pick the Pentium Gold G5400 (has iGPU) instead of the i3-9100. Do you think thats okay? I meant to run 1 stick of RAM. Since the board only has two slots I thought it would be easier to upgrade later on. Plus, 2x4GB is more expensive than 1x8GB. Is it a huge drawbag only to have one stick of RAM installed?
  5. Hi, I am new to unRAID and would like to build my first machine to get rid of an old Synology NAS and to replace a Raspi that runs some smaller stuff with Docker. The device should mainly provide storage for my network and should be capable to run things like Pihole, Nextcloud, Sabnzbd via Docker. Mediafiles would also be stored on the new device, but video encoding/decoding is not needed, since another device in my network is running Kodi. I am also not planning to run any VMs, just Docker containers. Right now I am sitting on 4 HDDs (6,8,10,10T) and two SSDs (250G) th