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  1. YES! That's exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much!
  2. Well that was easy. Thank you and sorry for not figuring that out by myself.
  3. When I try to run unrar in the unraid CLI it only prints out: -bash: unrar: command not found I thought unrar is installed by default and also I do have the NerdPack installed. What could be the issue here?
  4. I successfully replaced the drive now. Thank you very much for your help!!!
  5. Yes I took all night for this 4TB drive. But now it has successfully finished and Unraid showed the new disk after a reboot! Parity rebuild has started. Thank you very much for your kind help @itimpi
  6. Thank you! I found this post: And I am currently trying to format the drive with sg_format, which seems to take quite some while.
  7. sdc and sde are the drives in slots 5 & 7 Does anybody know what difference is between the "0003" and the "MS0F" as shown in the controllers config utility?
  8. Thank you! I just replaced the disk, but unfortunately Unraid does not detect the new disk even tough the SAS-controller does. I created a new thread for this:
  9. I had to replace a harddrive in my Unraid Server and so I attached a new Seagate SAS-Drive. It's correctly connected and the config-utility of the SAS-controller does detect the drive. (see picture, it's the one in Slot 6) Unfortunately though Unraid does not detect the drive and I can not assign it in the webui. What could be the solution here? Thank you for your support!
  10. Sorry, I edited the post while you were answering. The reboot just took quite a while and after that I was able to get the disks SMART report. Unraid is now rebuilding... Is there something I should do or can I safely keep the server operated?
  11. I got an error message that there has been an error with one of the disks. It had been disabled and only reenabled after a reboot. You can find my diagnostics plus the SMART report attached. Is there something I should do or can I safely keep the server operated? Thank you very much for your support! naskiller-diagnostics-20201029-1300.zip naskiller-smart-20201029-1321.zip
  12. I had to change my networks routers IP from to 192.168.xxx.0 so I'm able to use my VPN, when I'm at work, where the routers IP is Unfortunately this obviously also changed all the docker IPs, which seems to be why I can not access the nextcloud webui anymore. I guess the problem is that the IP of the "mariadb" docker has changed and now nextcloud can't find the database anymore. In case that this is the issue, how can I update the nextcloud settings so that it has the new mariadb IP? Do you have any other ideas what the issue could be? I rea
  13. That's what I thought too. Of course I searched for it prior to posting here. But I can't find anything.
  14. Does anybody know how to shuck open one of these old WD Elements?