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  1. is the correct dockerhub link now
  2. haha sounds good. I'm happy to hold off to test any steps if you'd like as well. I haven't done much with dashboards in unraid yet, but I do database work for the day job, so I'm looking forward to diving into it here.
  3. Noticed a typo in the first page btw.. I'm really looking forward to giving this a shot. Bit confused on the various tutorials and all, but I'll dive into the one GilbN has on his blog first and follow along. Thanks much for the hard work you guys have done on this.
  4. Is that this issue? s6-supervise (child): fatal: unable to exec run: Permission denied s6-supervise radarr: warning: unable to spawn ./run - waiting 10 seconds
  5. I saw someone else post this same error a few days ago, but not additional messages were related to it. I've been running rTorrentvpn under a docker container for months now with zero problems. I updated earlier this morning to the latest image and restarted and now my ruTorrent web won't open up correctly. I know my rtorrent client is running, I've got 1000+ torrents seeding and I can see them validated on the trackers without problems. [07.08.2020 13:53:11] WebUI started. [07.08.2020 13:53:25] JS error: [http://rutorrent:XXXXX@x.x.x.x:9080/ : 5145] Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'flabel_cont' of undefined Log attached. supervisord rs5050.log