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  1. Well, the Title says what my Main Problem is at the moment Ive Installed Unraid on an USB and Installed all my Containers and VMs on an 256gb ssd that i just added as Disk 1 in the Main Tab. Now, about a month after my Unraid Installation i know much more about Unraid, and now, that wasn't Great. Is there Any easy way to migrate all paths and move the SSD to the SSD in an Cache-Pool? I just want to add my 2 Mirrored 8tb HDDs in the Unraid-System, and i don't know if theres a better solution then doing it all manually. Because i am not looking into using the HDDs o
  2. Thats a screenshot of my Array Devices, maybe that helps
  3. If i try that i just get the Error Unmountable: No pool uuid
  4. But where? do you have 8tb space laying around? Isn't there any common strategy that you could use or an plugin/software that can do that for you?
  5. Had you installed the Addon & Configured it properly? If you had, maybe you can pull the keyfile out of the backup
  6. Hey There, I am just about to try to migrate my 2 8tb Seagate HDDs from Openmediavault to Unraid. Because Unraid just got the new Pool Feature, i want to make an 2 Drive Raid 1 Pool, but i don't know where to set the Raid Level and i also have no clue how i can change the File Format without loosing Data, have anyone done something like that before?
  7. Ok I'll try that, Thanks
  8. Hey, It should run on the Host, the Instructions i tried to use where:
  9. Hey y'all, I wonder if theres any way to get "dirmngr or linux-Packages easy on Unraid? I am just new in the Unraid-Universe and investing much time into setting up my Unraid server properly. So now i have the Problem, that i cant run an sh script, which is used to connect mailcow to nextcloud, and that Package is missing. If someone knows an easy way to get that package, it would be nice to hear. best, Kippenhof
  10. I know, maybe I've wrongly expressed myself. I am already running Nextcloud with an solid Reverseproxy/Authelia setup, but I don't know, if I enter in apps like Nextcloud/jellyfin/element an path to an hdd, if they would not let the drives spindown. If I am honest, I don't really know how that works
  11. Wow, Thanks. At this time I just installed all docker images and wanted to migrate my external nas (2 Desktop Seagate 8tb Drives via usb to an raspberry pi in raid 1) into my Unraid Server. The only things where I have no clue where to save are my Nextcloud and element instances.
  12. Hey, I just installed my Unraid Server a few Days ago, and I am not exactly sure, if it's an good idea to run the server 24/7. If someone is doing this actively/ has done it, an feedback would be great! Have an nice Day Kippenhof
  13. a direct intigration of Docker-Compose in Unraid would be incredible, because you can build complex program structures much easier. Also, this way the dashboard can be a bit tidier
  14. Well, what should i say. Sometimes i am an complete Idiot. I wanted to link my created my repo, but i just misscopyed the Wrong link. I just wanted to create an Template for a few specific more unknown Containers, but i don't want to support them, so i just want to do it over the Template Tepositories first off. The Link to my Repository is
  15. Hey Unraid-Community, I am new to the OS, and ive never written an Docker Template. Is there someone that has done that it would be nice if you can take a look on mine. i don't get why it doesn't get shown up if i add the Repo Link to my Template Repositories. Thx Kippenhof