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  1. ok i figured it out thanks for you help
  2. ok re-installing the docker apps fixes the issue any ideas on the VMS. how to use the exsisting vms
  3. ok here is it
  4. ok i found it in tools. i got a zip file. whay do you need from there?
  5. Hey guys My unraid server appears to have rebooted about 7 hours ago, and all VM's and docker apps are gone from unraid. But it appears all the apps are still there on the drive. Is there a way to just import them instead of re-installing everything?
  6. You can access it via IP address. I do not know how to get the DNS to resolve. Im hoping there is a way
  7. Yes, you need to open the port on your router. Default port for openvpn is 1194 unless you stated something else
  8. OK i found it now. (sorry still learning unraid and its oddities)
  9. Helllo Hoopster Thanks for the reply. I clearly did not explain myself well. I am sorry for that. I already have that plugin installed Odd I dont see the Unassigned Devices Plus plugin installed though. I tried to re-install it and it said it was already installed. How do you get Unassigned Devices Plus plugin installed?
  10. Hello I have been using unraid for a couple of weeks now and have been liking it alot. I currently have my backups rsync to a 1TB USB drive I just installed a 2TB HDD to store my backups going forward. I can see the drive under the Unassigned Devices section with the grey box saying format. Can unraid do the formatting or do I need to run it manually. I was hoping I could format and mount in unraid, and just use it as a seperate drive to rsync to it for backups.
  11. OK I did that, and now its working. I can access things via IP. thank you very much Is it possible to access devices with hostnames as well
  12. Under network settings right? Yes I changed the IP to my WAN IP
  13. Hello I just got openvpnas setup and I am able to connect. But I am having issues connecting to servers/devices on the internal network when i'm connected to vpn. I tried with hostname and IP's.
  14. Hello I have been trying to get storman docker work in unraid. I found in settings "Enable additional search results from dockerHub:" so I can now see any dockers for storman. I installed one and but they are not working. It shows it started, but can not access it. Here are the gits for these Any help is greatly appreciated
  15. Thank you very much. I did not see this post. I will try this out.
  16. Yes I got them installed, and downloads, but its not placing the files in the folders, and getting errors. So I am assuming its a path issue.
  17. Is there any docs on how to setup and configure Radarr/Sonar/NZBGet. Coming from the old atomic script, trying to get things to work in unraid is just not working. So I believe I am doing something wrong, but I can not figure it out. Checking out some YT and other websites did not help. If anyone can point me to a known working doc/link for this setup would be greatly appreciated. Thank you