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  1. Hi. i kind of have the same problem, BUT my twist on the issue its "cache" ssd, so no parity.. whoops. any chance to keep the data? (i know witch ssd go where, but.... hmm
  2. How many plots a day do you guys do? I just started today and it looks like i do about 1.2 plot every hour. Good or bad? 👀
  3. Lets say i have set up plotting cue, like 10 plotts or whatever. How does it work when i restart the docker or unraid? can i easy resume from where i left? Same command? hmm
  4. Its rx 580 8GB Unraid have 128GB I think, one transcode. switched from one movie to another. but was testing 4-5 earlier that evening while check cpu usage on unraid. So cant be 100% sure.
  5. It was a gpu call trace in the syslog. And Container still up, but did not do any transcode or play movie. The first 2-3 movie worked like a champ, but think it Fu**ed up when i tested a 4k movie file Had to reboot unraid. Reboot for gui or ssh did not work, had to force reboot the rig.
  6. I was working nice, but got gpu crash after some testing had to force reboot unraid lol
  7. I believe this might be a bug? 65535MHz
  8. i just did get kernel panic. Not at boot, but when booted
  9. My wireguard is working fine. Just tested
  10. woke up to another crash. Crashed in the morning two last days Dono why tower-diagnostics-20201215-1236.zip
  11. Here you have tower-diagnostics-20201019-1135.zip