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  1. So, i studied this Topic many Times. And though i'm no english native but i still think i understand everything right. If my router is some kind of cheap enduser ISP stuff which lacks the possibility of custom routing or routes in general and all i can set up is simple NAT i have no chance to access all my Docker container through Wireguard? My Setup is quite simple. I have 2 NICs, one (br0) for the UnRaid Webfrontend and Wireguard etc. and the other (br1) is used for all Docker container with custom IP addresses in my LAN. I use one subnet for everything in my LAN. I'm not talking about DNS i can't even ping my Docker container on their own IP. So i initially thought it would be enough to seperate the Wireguard interface from the Docker interfaces. But this was not the trick, so i read this thread and the only thing i'm missing is the custom route in my router which i can not set. What are my options now? I could be so convenient to connect to Wireguard, open my Heimdall-Docker and get everywhere i want (Homekit, DIYHue, Plex, Nextcloud, etc.). But i can't get it to work. Or am i missing something?