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  1. I bought the Adwits card from Amazon and it runs perfect, didn’t have to do anything in BIOS. I now run the two 3,5” drives in the ODD bay and the SSD in the space below the ODD bay on the card and they all run with SATA III. I’m satisfied!
  2. So my RAM showed up and after installing 8GB I don't get this error any more. Thank you for your help!
  3. Ok thank you both for your replys. I don't know when the RAM will show up due to the whole corona situation, but I'll install it and check if FCP continues to send notifications.
  4. Yeah I've ordered more RAM. But if its a RAM problem, shouldn't it reset after restart?
  5. I tried setting Folder Caching to 100 instead of the default 10, to reset cache pressure to see if it helps... I'm really grasping here, isn't there any solution for this problem?!?
  6. Here is a list of my installed plugins: - CA Backup/Restore Appdata - Community Applications - Dynamix Cache Directories - Dynamix SSD TRIM - Dynamix System Information - Dynamix System Statistics - Dynamix System Temperatures - Fix Common Problems - Nerd Tools - Preclear Disks - Unassigned Devices - Unassigned Devices - unBALANCE - User Scripts Unraid is running on a HP ProLiant Microserver N40L.
  7. OK so I've been continuing reading about this and found this on Reddit /unRAID. Running the commands I get: and this in /tmp and this in / If I'm not stupid it seems like it's /usr and /boot that's filling up rootfs? What could that be? edit: sorry for the huge pics...
  8. OK now I got it to work. When I disabled the SwiftKey keyboard on the iPhone and used the built in it worked. Weird!
  9. Yes, no problem logging in as root to webUI. Just realized that its not possible to login to the webUI with other user than root. But still couldn't login to webUI using root in iOS safari over ZeroTier.
  10. Hi! Been getting "Rootfs file is getting full (currently 82 % used)" from FCP and trying to figure out what's causing it. I'm a bit of a noob so bear with me... Been searching the forums and getting different suggestions as to what it could be. Many point to some Docker container mapping being a possible problem. Here is mine: Is the /unraid_flashdrive <--> /root/ the issue and if so what should it be? Attached the diagnostics. Thank you in advance! tower-diagnostics-20200412-1635.zip
  11. Hi! Thank you for an easy to set-up app. Works a treat to connect my iOS devices to the unraid server shares with apps like Files and VLC. I've encountered a problem though. When using a web browser on my iPhone and trying to open the unraid web UI with the ZeroTier ip adress I can't get past the login screen. It doesn't matter what user I try, It only comes back as invalid. Any idea what's causing this? It would be nice to remote access the server UI as well as just the shares.
  12. Doh! I just saw this on Amazon.co.uk this morning for ~£190 and was going to purchase 2 of them tonight, then of course they're back to their old prize... 😂 😩
  13. Thanks! Like this one? Adwits PCIe 3.0 4x to 5-Port SATA III 6Gpbs PCI Express Storage Expansion Card with Jmicro JMB585 Controller, Support Software RAID AHCI for Desktop PC Server NAS DVR -Black https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07X21J35K/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_RqZEEb8EXPP41 Have you tried it?
  14. Hi! Recently dug out my old HP ProLiant N40L Microserver from storage. Updated to 6.8.3 and flashed the BIOS. I can't remember doing it but I had bought a 2-port SATA PCIE card because it was in the box. I've since learned in another thread that this card will be slow and a bottle neck. Question now is, does anyone know of a card that offers 4 ports of SATA 3, that will fit and work with my N40L and unraid? I'm really a beginner with all this and trying to learn as much as possible, but please talk to me like I'm a dum dum... 😂 This is what the backside looks like.