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  1. Not so far. Mine is still on 1.00 since it is rock stable since day 1.
  2. Do you want to use the dock to be able to swap the disks? As you can see on my pictures, all my disks are internal and UnRaid does the spin down. I use one external usb disk, 4 TB, to back up critical data, compressed and encrypted and since I have a O365 account I use the 1TB online storage as external encrypted backup storage. I use duplicati to run backups.
  3. Eco Mode is in Advanced / Overclocking Settings. You can configure the TDP etc. manually or just enable the Eco Mode - which is a good compromise between performance & wattage I think. How did you configure your memory resp. which setting did you change to reach 3200mhz? I also noticed there is no USB 2.0 port, however a USB 2.0 stick as boot media works well. Dont use a USB 3.0 stick. Thats gonna fail 99% after a few days. I experienced that a few times at the beginning and you dont need to go through that
  4. Well, I might find time this week to play arround with this and to share the results here. Would be nice to see how you are progressing with your buld.
  5. Memory Speed settings in Bios: Since the system is super stable I dont mind to change these settings. However, the memory is recognized as DDR4-3200 in the Bios main screen. Regarding SSDs - I'll try to explain it simple, but if you have more general questions I suggest you post the the general support section. As you can see in my earlier post I have 6 SSDs in two "pools". The small pool is a raid 1, the large pool a raid 10. Once I had my harddisk up and running I created several shares like you can see below. For each share I conf
  6. Large cache in action, performing a full balance. Speed varies between 1.5 - 2.2GB/Sec
  7. Your questions: 1. Why and how did you make such powerful cache? A: Because I can :). Seriously, I wanted to learn how this works and I wanted structure my system in a clean way. The way I structure my data is basically: Disks for cold data and Backups Small NVME cache for VMs only Large NVME cache for a photo / video library (50K photos / >2K videos; no movies) and 14 docker container USB Disk to move certain backups off the system I picked 4 SSDs and the raid10 config for the large cache to have a fast, mirrored cache which still has plent
  8. The system is 100% stable since day 1. No issues, no problems. It just sits there and works. The max memory speed has been confirmed by Asrockracks technical support. I didnt play with the memory OC features since stability is important for me and I dont need a couple more megabyte/sec memory bandwidth. I also didnt try the 1.10 bios because it doesnt add any features I am missing. I would only flash it for a Ryzen 5000. I'd say this board and the config (cooler, memory, case, NVME cards) is a fire and forget thing. Set it up, configure it and you are done. All disks work well
  9. Hope this is what you are looking for: IOMMU group 0: [1022:1482] 00:01.0 Host bridge: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD] Starship/Matisse PCIe Dummy Host Bridge IOMMU group 1: [1022:1483] 00:01.1 PCI bridge: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD] Starship/Matisse GPP Bridge IOMMU group 2: [1022:1483] 00:01.2 PCI bridge: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD] Starship/Matisse GPP Bridge IOMMU group 3: [1022:1482] 00:02.0 Host bridge: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD] Starship/Matisse PCIe Dummy Host Bridge IOMMU group 4: [1022:1482] 00:03.0 Host bridge: Advanced Micro
  10. I am not using GPU passthrough, however this should work from what I have seen in the config. Didnt digg deep into IOMMU settings, however all hardware which is present, even the IPMI virtual CD drive, can be choosen to passthrough to the VMs. If you have specific questions for settings, please ask.
  11. Fully loaded 47mins being reported. I wonder why the batteries will be damaged when dropping below 50%. My current config is to shutdown after 10mins on Battery or when capacity drops below 50%. With an addtl. Switch and an Odroid C2 the UPS has an average load of 70W. The UnRaid host is running at Eco Mode, which gives a good compromise re temps/performance/consumption.
  12. I added a Cyberpower UPS ValuePRO VP700ELCD Green Power UPS 700VA/390W which was detected immediatly by the integrated APC deamon. Approx. runtime on battery is 40 mins.
  13. My UnRaid system is running several container such as Nextcloud, Mariadb, cloud commander, photoprism etc. to name a few. Most of them where running with a dedicated IP, configured through br0. I cloud never reach more than 3 - 6Mbyte/sec traffic while the container where using br0. After flipping them to standard bridge mode I can max out my wifi with >50 Mbyte/sec. Is this known resp. was my config wrong? I understood "br0" as a option to separate hosts / services. Thanks for any advise
  14. I think I found the issue, and I did following. Most of my container where running with "br0" instead of bridge for the network config. The moment I flipped the settings I could max out my wifi with up to 50 Mbyte/sec. The moment I switched back to "br0" I could not achieve more than 6MByte/sec. Will post this in the docker section too. bottom line photoprism is running fine now.
  15. well summarized and worth a PIN. I think I'll redo the math. As written in my initial post, the 45W config on surface looks like a sweet spot, without getting to technical with math and numbers.