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  1. Here's the new file. Everything seems to be working fine after multiple reboots.
  2. I fixed this. I removed everything from the appdata folder, deleted the share, and re-created it with no on cache. I had to download a backup of all my appdata stuff, because this error had deleted everything in the folder. Once I restored the appdata folders, everything worked perfectly. I think the latest version update of unraid caused this problem, but I can't be sure.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I understand this, but none of the offending dockers have their configs pointed to the cache. This is why I don't understand why they are being saved there.
  4. I am at a loss for this one. Some of my dockers completely lose their config after I reboot my server. I did some searching, and I see people saying that the cache might not be getting written. This is odd, because I have NEVER had a cache drive. Somehow my appdata, plex, and domains shares are set to "Prefer: Cache". I cannot seem to change this setting at all. I think this is causing my problem, since appdata would have all the docker configs. Thanks for your time!
  5. Thank you! app works great, really appreciate it.
  6. On my install, when I typed in something manually into the excluded folders, the apply button was still grayed out. I had to change another setting to get it to unlock, so it would save the setting.
  7. Your welcome. What speed is your connection? I apologize, never saw this comment. I have 50mbit up and down through FIOS.
  8. Just wanted to say thanks for making this. Works great with my connection, get the exact results I spected.
  9. Is there a tutorial on how to use ultravnc with a VM? I can't get it to connect at all, it just constantly says negotiating protocols.
  10. 1. On the Docker Edit screen make sure it is in Advanced View mode (if in Basic, click to switch to Advanced) 2. The proper default WebUI URL is: http://[iP]:[PORT:4280]/vnc.html?autoconnect=true&host=[iP]&port=[PORT:4280] 3. If you have modified the WEB_PORT variable to be a port other than 4280, the port needs to also be modified in the above URL 4. Click Apply button to save edits Hoopster!! this is badass man, thank you so much. No more hassling with the id file.
  11. Same here. Copied ui info key again, which had changed, but it still didn't work.
  12. hey, ever since the latest update, plex is crashing for me. It's not updating the logs in the plex folder, either. any suggestions?
  13. hey binhex. I am trying to use your sickbeard plugin to monitor a folder on another computer, and then have sickbeard copy the shows to my unraid server. I have mounted a share under /mnt/, and unraid is able to see the files on the remote computer fine. When I go into the sickbeard docker plugin, it doesn't see anything under the /data share. I do have /data pointing to the correct share, and when I am doing the docker configuration, I see all the tv show subfolders. Do you have any suggestions? Does docker not work with mounted shares?
  14. I fixed my problem, I had to edit the my.service.xml on my unraid, to have the <serviceHost> field to read Hope this helps someone else.