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  1. I want to add. CPU transcoding is working fine. GPU encoding on the node and server container is broken. I have not changed anything. It just won't work. At least it is still working on windows. lol.
  2. So after fixing the port assignment issue in the container template I cannot get GPU encoding to work on either the internal node or the tdarr_node container. Did something else change here that we need to know about? I haven't changed any of the settings besides transferring them to the tdarr_server node since yesterday and now only CPU encoding on the internal node is working. I tested the old tdarr_node install as well and GPU transcoding is not working there anymore either.
  3. Wanted to add I have two of the samsung 980 nvme SSDs in an NVME pool on an asus hyper m.2 card and am running the current RC2. The 980s read 84C for 30 minutes then go back to normal. The other two NVME drives on the card are usually at 25-35C even under load. This was never a problem in the several previous versions of unraid. Hopefully this error is fixed in the future.
  4. I am hoping to find a little help here after spending the last few days troubleshooting my MacOS VM. I am unable to get it to boot reliably after passing through a Radeon pro wx4100. I am using either virt-manager or XML editing to add the gpu to the VM and have them stubbed in unraid. Currently the VM is displaying a wall of text on the monitor I have hooked up to it directly, and I am able to connect to it using NoMachine but it is only the Apple logo and a progress bar that is frozen. I have attached the XML for the gpu passthrough and another XML for the no gpu config, that boots almost instantly to the MacOS desktop. I am also passing through the vbios for the gpu that I dumped using SpaceInvaderOne's tutorial. If I do not pass the vbios through I get no display at all. I have updated the bootloader as well, doing my current install following this guide: https://pastebin.com/RtgNHqac I followed this guide very closely, but I added the GPU after doing all the opencore updating of the bootloader as I have been dealing with this GPU issues for a bout a week. If anyone can tell me what I am missing, I'd be incredibly grateful. wx4100MacOSNoBoot.txt This is the working XML file I have that does not have GPU passthrough. XML BACKUPSMacOS NO GPU.txt