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  1. im using the ich777/steamcmd:7dtd 7 days to die docker. every time steamcmd updates 7 days to die it replaces and nukes my serverconfig.xml....... is this normal ?
  2. anyone else seeing issues with this container im getting an error that repeats it self over and over and its "Starting MongoDB"
  3. i honestly gave up on this plugin because latest issues with it and just moved over to using wireguard. it does not suit everyone's needs i know that and i had never even heard of it until someone mentioned it in this thread. but it was easy to setup and its fast as hell from all the testing i have done with it.
  4. this plugin is working great with my colorful GTX 1060. the layout is much nicer then the old Nvidia unraid plugin. thank you so much limetech and ich777
  5. same issue for me. i got a feeling this plugin will soon be unmaintained due to WG