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  1. With the new release, I miss being able to sort by recent updates. I would use that to check out things still being maintained that I have no heard of before.
  2. Posting my fix since I finally figured it out. Somehow libvirtd was stopped but still existed. I moved that file so it ended with .bak and tried starting libvirtd again and that fixed it.
  3. So my dashboard is no longer showing I have any VMs installed but I can still connect to them. I have tried manually starting/stopping libvirtd and that hasn't done anything.
  4. Yeah but at least I know the cause and I am no longer paranoid. I can look into implementing something similar as you pointed out for windows or bake into my weekly back up to just copy it and replace old version (Aka the dumb lazy way if I can't figure out the proper way)
  5. That makes sense now, apparently it was the linux VM I host servers on. Doing that cp --sparse=always 'freed' up 30 GB
  6. So using the calculate option on the share tab, I am not seeing any significant growth on any share that uses my cache yet my cache drive utilization has gone up 10GB since my initial post. Any clue what causes that?
  7. Here you go, I have not touched anything
  8. So over the last day or two my Cache drive has been seeing an increase in data being written to it. Currently the UI and Grafana both say that 230GB are being used: Yet when I go into /mnt/cache and do a du I only see 187GB being used: Any ideas where this discrepancy is coming from and where the data actually is? I even did a scrub recently.
  9. Did you change anything else? I am still getting the different length error
  10. I just can't seem to get the VM Details panel to work, the rest is great
  11. Hey I am trying to get GeoLite db working, I see this in my logs when I have the variable set with my key, any ideas? sed: /etc/conf.d/libmaxminddb: No such file or directory
  12. So I removed NUT but now unRAID can't seem to see my UPS plugged in via USB? Any ideas?