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  1. Ok - no answer for my problem, but one more user with same error... I solved this for me by removing the line $.['vm']['details'][*].primaryGPU from definition. Now the error is gone. For me the info is not needed.
  2. Did you had any chance to look into the diagnostics to see a cause for blocking spinning down my unassigned backup drive?
  3. I gave several days - but just the array disks are spinning down (Timeout is 30 Minutes). The unassigned disk is rotating all the time - then i tend to write here to search for help.
  4. Yes. More than an hour since clicking the ball. But never alone before since updating...
  5. Since Update 6.9.0 my unassigned drive /dev/sdc never spins down (array drives can sleep most oft the time). I tried to unmount and wait - no success. I used this sata drive as backup destination with borgmatic docker container. No other process does any r/w operations to the mountpoint. I checked open files and cant find any access - but the drive is rotating anytime. What can i do here?
  6. Same error here for me when starting fscrawler. Any tips or is this tutorial orphaned?
  7. Hi, is it possible to mount an unassigned device just before borg starts and unmount the drive after all is finished? I have a separate drive for backups and would like (security/safety) to have access just for backup/restore run. I tried from inside container, but it seems there are not enough rights for mounting the drive from there. Hope there is a workaround. Thanks...