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  1. Thank you for showBannerGradient setting.
  2. Agreed. My apologies to devs. I was in a bad mood. (Edited my original post)
  3. Please give us an option to remove background from UPC when using a banner. Current default is white linear-gradient and it does not look right. Had to set banner to hide to make it better. First is how it looks now. I had to edit unraid.min.js to make it like it should(in pic 2)
  4. Edit moving this comment to correct thread.
  5. Thank you for researching on this. I am having the exact same issue for months now to the point rtorrent is unusable. Changing ioscheduler to bfq (from Auto) did nothing to help. However, changing it to mq-deadline showed immediate results. IOWAIT fell back from 99% to under 10%. The speeds are still not great but atleast the torrents are downloading again. I too have NVMe(over a PCI adapter) for cache. It does look like I may have to move this to a dedicated unassigned drive but first need to figure out a way to move completed downloads to array and keep them seeding in th client. I am also thinking if NVMe drive is contributing to this as not everyone seems to have this issue. Please update if you find a good solution.
  6. Thank your @Skitals for this awesome plugin. Also thank you @Raz for your themes. SolarizedDark looks beautiful and will be the theme of my server for a long time.
  7. Best part of Unraid is the community. I would like to see better support for VMs like taking snapshots and making it easy to do passthrough.
  8. Happy Birthday. Been with unraid since 2012. Huge improvements over time. Docker and VM support has changed the game. Great community.