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  1. Hi, A do have Docker containers in bridge mode. Im not sure how to see if they are in br0 mode? (Host mode?) However I do not have Host access to custom networks enabled. I think my problem is either related to my Ryzen CPU or perhaps Nvidia GPU. But I tried setting the BIOS power settings according to multiple posts in the forum but it did not make a difference. The server kept crashing ever 1-3 days. Sometimes multiple times a day. After downgrading to 6.9.0-rc2 the crashing stopped.
  2. Hmm i'm on 6.9.0-rc2, so that must be it. Can't run any higher version until Unraid fixes the "non existing crashing issue" 😕 Oh well, thanks anyway!
  3. Is the Node Exporter plugin only for 6.9.2? I can't find it under Apps? I can see the other plugins, but nothing comes up when searching for Node Export or browsing ich777's Repository
  4. Hi, just joining the club. All my downloads stall. The speed drops from ~50mb/s until a few kb/s and then it stalls. My Unraid server looses all internet connection and I would have to deactivate wireguard, wait a bit end re-enable. It's strange, but I too think it's a problem with wireguard. Sorry I can't help, I'm feeling your pain!
  5. Found it on the Wayback Machine if anyone needs it.