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  1. Hey all, Hoping the collective mind can help me figure out how to do this. So I want to back up to an external drive on a standalone windows pc that I have backblaze running on but I want to have rsync sync the files daily to that drive. So easy past is done, I've added the SMB share in unassigned devices I have my location and target set, but I keep getting an error: I'm figuring I've missed something simple here's the script:
  2. Had the same issue, you need to input root for the credentials and possibly after edit the panels to reflect your servers IP with http(s)://
  3. @ElectricBrainUK and @falconexe have it all sorted now cheers
  4. @ElectricBrainUK Using the API with the new 1.6 UUD and finally realized it is root not my "username" for the login so got that done, however all the docker images are broken on the UUD any tricks to resolve?