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  1. I got the same issue, and asked for help quite a while ago. Long story short, I decided to move to a docker called "FileBrowser" It was rather easy to setup, with a little help from a chinese video, and it's been working flawlessly ever since I set it up! As an added bonus, downloading files bigger than 1gb is actually possible straight out of the box with FileBrowser (I never got that to work with NextCloud)
  2. This seems to have done the trick for me, thanks!
  3. I don't know what the script is though, but probably shouldn't be too hard to create one on your own 🤷‍♂️
  4. Hah, that would actually be good enough for our use, as 95% of the time we're using the files through SMB, and only 5% (whenever someone is working from home, and they're creating new folders) is used with FileBrowser. Mind sharing the script you did?
  5. Did you find a way to get this working?
  6. Either that, or he's just not too concerned about a free piece of software he created a long time ago I tried the "refresh" button just now, and unfortunately, no dice First, I ran the job through user-scripts, and opened the "manage backups" button, to see if the issue was still there (just in case) It was, so now I pressed the "refresh" button. That didn't work, and the backup wasn't updated. Then, I tried to run the cron-job again, and now, I tried to click on the "refresh" before opening the "manage backups" (since this is how it works with changing the profiles as well) and nothing. Just to check I wasn't crazy, I tried it my way, running the cron-job, and then switching between two profiles, and checking the "manage backups", and it worked just fine.
  7. It does sound like it, since it would refresh the profiles 🤔 Would there be a command that could be ran after the profile, to refresh the profiles automatically? 🤔
  8. I don't have the answer for your issue, but I'm using an app called "AutoSync" on our household phones. Cost's like 7eur to get the license to use it with an SMB share, and you can set it to sync automatically any folders you want when you're connected to a specific wifi. Has been working nicely for our needs atleast.
  9. (Old issue, before updating) EDIT: (Internal server error, fixed in the next edit) EDIT2: (Fixing the internal server error, and back to square one) EDIT3: NextCloud is amazing for what it's trying to achieve, when it works. But it has just given me way too many headaches, and it's pretty much overkill for what I want to do with it (accessing files through the internet) that I've now decided to move to "FileBrowser" docker instead. Setting that up took me 10 minutes without really knowing what to do, and it's been working nicely (knock on wood), and even issues that we previously had (not being able to download files over 1gb) are now gone. Good luck all of you UnRaider's, who're battling with NextCloud!
  10. Right, in that case, I could just have a restart every day through the user scripts, after the backup work is done :thinking: Thanks!
  11. I'm in a middle of a backup right now (doing a server upgrade), but yeah. I realized after posting, that there's an option to reboot the LuckyBackup after it's done it's cron-job, which should do the same effect. I'll try that later.
  12. Hey, again! I think I stumbled upon a solution by accident for the (LuckyBackup) cron-job not working with the snapshot files! I created a new profile, that I wanted to run every hour or so (for our security cameras, to backup their video footage remotely) While I was doing this, I noticed that the snapshot files were updated successfully! Here's basically the step-by-step on how to get it to work: 1. You need another profile. 2. Set up your cron-jobs the way you want (either within the LuckyBackup itself, or with User Scripts.) 3. Let the cron-job run as it should. 4. Before checking the "manage backup" button within LB, change the profile, and then go back to the profile you're using 5. Check the "manage backup" button, and ta-dah! The snapshot should be updated correctly! Somewhat useless rambling.
  13. This one slipped through the cracks, just bumping it up EDIT: I think I found the solution, but unsure on how to apply it.. I'm using Nginx Proxy Manager on UnRaid, if that makes any difference. The solution I was able to find from here: If someone could point me into the right direction, that'd be great!
  14. I did try deleting some task's, and creating new ones, resulting in same behavior. Don't know if it's related, and I couldn't really test it, but with previous versions creating new task's wasn't an issue. Could you try creating a 16th task, and see if that works for you or not?
  15. I originally had only one profile, and I had 7 task's on it. I tried to add a new one, and the app crashed. I then duplicated the default profile, to try this on another profile, and the crash happened again. On this duplicate profile, I then tried to remove one of the task's, and add a new one. Adding the 7th task went OK (though, once I saved the profile, the app crashed) After this, I tried to add an 8th task into the new profile, and a crash happened again.