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  1. I'm looking at it now. Just merged it to the test branch and am testing a couple things out. Also going through your notes, they are super helpful! Glad to hear you're using the UI customization of snmpd.conf (and thank you again for contributing!), I'm sure others will have similar findings! Yes, this is by design! I am a big proponent of uninstallers removing all traces, rather than leaving the user to find what was left behind and what wasn't. Some other plugins do this as well: https://github.com/jbrodriguez/unbalance/blob/master/plugin/template.plg#L88 and https://
  2. Looks great, thanks a ton! From an initial look through, I have a couple minor comments that I need to post (consolidate PHP into the .page file, lower/camel case variable naming) but the comment lines and general look and feel are fantastic. I realize there's no documented testing procedure, so I also want to give it a thorough run of different scenarios myself in terms of testing. Maybe I can even make a doc based on it 🤩 Fresh install, uninstall and reinstall, reboot, upgrade, *removal* of the custom config (does the default come back?), pre-population of the default config, a
  3. /boot/config/plugins/snmp/snmp.cfg is read from and written to by the SNMP settings page https://github.com/kubedzero/unraid-snmp/blob/main/source/usr/local/emhttp/plugins/snmp/snmp.page#L18 It then gets read any time the disk_temps.sh script gets run https://github.com/kubedzero/unraid-snmp/blob/main/source/usr/local/emhttp/plugins/snmp/disk_temps.sh#L72. /boot/config/plugins/snmp/snmp.cfg is not guaranteed to exist, so the disk_temps.sh script has to handle if the file is missing. ___ As for /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/snmp/snmpd.conf, it gets
  4. That is the current version. Also, what version of Unraid are you running? The next thing I'd try is a reboot of Unraid to see if that helps. I have a suspicion that if you ran "head -15 /etc/rc.d/rc.snmpd" (which prints out the first 15 lines of the file, which is the part we care about) you might see a different start command than what it should be. Again, the old version of the plugin would modify this to point at the /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/snmp/snmpd.conf file by doing an in-place string replacement, but the new version does not. A reboot would fix this as the file is recreated at
  5. https://github.com/coppit/unraid-snmp/blob/master/snmp.plg#L197 The old version of the plugin (still linked in the first post of this topic) read from /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/snmp/snmpd.conf which sounds to be the issue you're facing. Are you using my latest version of the plugin, 2020.11.20, installed from Community Applications or https://github.com/kubedzero/unraid-snmp? It will start SNMP with the config file at /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf. Configuring the SNMP configuration via a GUI setting could be nice, please submit a PR!
  6. https://github.com/kubedzero/unraid-snmp/blob/main/source/install/doinst.sh#L38 The configuration in which the community string is set is /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf. Note that this gets recreated at every boot (as with the rest of Unraid's OS) so you'll need a command in the /boot/config/go startup script to overwrite the default value or made modifications, along with a command to restart SNMP to take the new changes.
  7. I just tested on RC2 and CA version 2021.02.19a and was able to search for and install SNMP without issue.
  8. I can't comment on the functionality of CA, but there is nothing on my end that's keeping it from showing up in CA https://github.com/kubedzero/unraid-community-apps-xml/blob/main/snmp.xml If CA becomes a problem, feel free to install it directly as I've tested it to be working on 6.9 https://raw.githubusercontent.com/kubedzero/unraid-snmp/main/snmp.plg
  9. What should we know about the Icon tag? What image formats are supported, is transparency supported, what are the minimum and maximum dimensions, optimal file size, optimal ratio, etc?
  10. I experienced the same issue in the SNMP plugin. An old version of the plugin did not check standby state before getting temperature, leading to drives always being spun up if they didn't report temperature during standby. By adding "--nocheck standby" to the flags passed to smartctl, drives will only report temperature while spun up. I'm guessing something similar is happening here. By default, the Web UI only checks the disk temperature every 30 minutes.
  11. It sounds to me as if you need an SNMP collector, and this plugin is just meant to add SNMP output to Unraid. Perhaps you could mod this plugin's snmpd.conf file and write a script to collect the APC and QNAP metrics, but you'd still need something outside this plugin to actually read the SNMP data and get it to Telegraf/InfluxDB.
  12. It should be fully functional. I'm currently running 6.8.3 without issue.
  13. It appears that @dlandon has un-deprecated the Open Files plugin for Unraid 6.9 https://github.com/dlandon/open.files/commit/8afb5a773896f0e351076b35fd338d10642e5e55 🤣 so no fork is needed. Happy to step in in the future though!
  14. Understood, I'm proactively making these changes to my repositories I have tested that if I push an update on the master branch pointing to the PLG+TXZ on the main branch, it effectively migrates users to the new branch. That, I think, is a second option for getting onto the correct version. My question had actually been more about the CA XML update, as I wasn't sure if something on the CA side of things was tracking the XML on a specific branch. Sorry for the miscommunication!
  15. As a heads up to consumers of this plugin, I'm working on changing the branch name from "master" to "main" following Github's recent announcement. At this moment, I have the plugin's original "master" branch on the current version 2020.10.04 in addition to the new "main" branch with a bumped version 2020.11.20 containing the exact same data. I'm doing some investigation on whether I'll be able to seamlessly transition people using the existing version of SNMP over to this new branch. Of course, the other option is to just uninstall the existing installation of SNMP and reinstall using th