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  1. hey dorgan, nice plugin! Found it through a screeny on /datahoaders I have similar problems as polishprocessors (p7) like I cannot get my server listed. Getting the token from plex stops the spinning wheel without a server listed; I have it under custom ip with port, tried /web and http. While signing in on plex I've seen that plex sees my server on zeus.home.arpa, tried it over the corresponding network, no dice and still "There are currently no active streams" > /plugins/plexstreams/getServers.php?useSsl=1 {"serverList":{"XXX":{"Name":"HERMES","Identifier":"XXX","Connections":[null]}}} I'm stuck, could we look into this? 🤪
  2. Is there any workaround/fix in the forseeable future? I started on 6.8 and all was good and smooth, so I consolidated EVERY-FU-THING into this one X299 Powerhouse and now I have to get revert back to my 10y old QNAP NAS for acceptable file-transfer-speeds?? I'm running 6.10RC2 and I can't transfer single 10kb files onto shares without reestablishing the connection ultiple-times. SSH (winscp) doesn't work well currently too. Tried with different shares and settings, rebooting the server, this is driving me nuts. I blasted well over 3K€ into this HEDT for what? Sub 20Mbps writes? I've got the biggest UR-Licence too, for what? This problem has to be fixed ASAP!
  3. Have you resorted this problem? I'm facing the same, already-running container with do work, but generating the same instance with another IP get's again but is unable to establish a DNS connection - pinging works whereas google.com doesn't. Any help or clarification would be really appreciated! Kind regards Hank
  4. Thanks for this missing piece of software! I read the entire thread; I have only installed python2-2.7.18-x86_64-4.txz, have setup the default bridge (br1.30) in vm-manager and your pkg shows "running" - but nothing. The machine in case is a win10-vm which had it enabled as baremetal; as vm now there's no wol-option in the adapter-configuration within windows itself, and accessing the BIOS doesn't give me a wol-option, neither machine-type i440fx-4.2 nor q35-4.2. I'm trying to wake the machines up from the fw/pfsense directly, no dice. How could I troubleshoot furhter? Does the default vm-bridge have to be on the vlan where the vms sit i.e. br1.3 or on the general interface br1? Thanks for your time!
  5. Do I have to toggle anything in the ZT-Clients or is this done via ZT-Central? This is a local vlan, every client when away would connect via ZT. ^Only one at a time When I'm connected to vlan90 locally I have the fw-rules allowing me access to plex on vlan30 Exactly I tried my best, is this rule ok? Alias zt_net_plex = Alias media = I'm unable to ping plex over zerotier.. FYI I'm using 3 eth-ports, whereas only port-1 is used/bridged for docker; - I have absolutely no clue where and come from (sweating a little bit..) Man, THANK YOU!! I owe you a lot
  6. Sorry for not getting back any sooner, I really tried it a lot of times but can't get to the desired results; to recap: The ZT-Node/docker resides on my unraid-box with a bridged-connection - vlan-100 - ZT-IP I have 3 ZT-Nodes - ZT-Docker on unraid -- vlan-100 --ZT - ZT-App on Windows -- vlan-90 / Mobile 4G Hotspot --ZT - ZT-App on Android --Mobile 4G --ZT All on Version 1.6.5, Online, with Public-IP listed (wasn't the case when the zt-docker was in a vpn'd vlan); All devices can ping each other trough their ZT-IP with ping not higher than 128ms. My Plex-Server on unraid - vlan-30 My ZT-Node on unraid -- vlan-100 pfSense let's pass traffic from vlan-100 to Plex-IP in vlan-30; this is now setup and working without problems. The ZT-docker can ping Plex. And here I'm stuck: In my desired scenario I'd like to have this one and only ZT-Node/docker to route all the other ZT-Nodes to my Plex instance; as much as I understand from your statements (marked bold) do I need to setup a route for every node I let into my private-sdn? In it's core all I want to accomplish is to use the ZT-Node on Unraid (vlan-100) let all other ZT-Nodes access Plex (vlan-30) without much more than confirming those ZT-Nodes in ZT-Central. Thanks for your help so far @Ford Prefect! Thanks a lot for reading so far
  7. Adding another Vlan is not, and having it separated in another Vlan and setting up inter-vlan Routing neither, or at least I hope so. I will try as soon as I get back home, thanks a lot for your reply!
  8. So I'm rereading this topic the 7th time in 7days with no end in sight. My main goal is to open Plex for friends with granular control. A handful of good friends are parents now too and as they discovered my Kids Video Collection (damn those VHS rips) they'd love to be able to give their kids those programs too instead of the utter BS that's running on TV nowadays. I have pfsense/baremetal running 12vlans and a 100/60 connection. VLAN 3 ( is the Vlan where my Plex Servers reside ( & On the same Vlan there are 2 Steam Machines ( & I'd also like to 'share'. My ZT resides in above Vlan3 (, and with this Docker I'd just want to share Plex/Steam. To my understanding it would be possible to use ZT for multiple Vlans, but for simplicity I'd rather start with one Vlan properly set-up 😅 As said above I read the entire thread couple of times, especially the posts of @Ford Prefect about adding routes, but: I intend to only add certain hosts from the Vlan, not the entire network. Where do the routes have to go? Only ZT-Central? Or do I need to tweak pfsense/vlan-rules too? I'm at a loss and every help is much appreciated! Especially how the routes should look like as I had a HARD time setting pfsense up.. 🤣 Kind regards, Hank
  9. Thanks for chiming in! So I'd prefer LACP too but the (current) switch only supports static LAG. eth0 port9 pvid10 vl10-UNtagged eth1 port8 pvid10 vl10-tagged vl20-tagged vl30++ eth2 port7 pvid10 vl10-tagged++ *eth3 port6 pvid10 vl10-tagged++ *eth4 port5 pvid10 vl10-tagged++ LAG current 7+8 (*coming 5-9 =5gb/s) cheers, and have a nice fridaynight!
  10. Hey guys, after having pretty much everything setup (for the 3rd time) I'm now definitely stuck. -nic1 onboard -nic2 I350 -nic3 I350 nic 1 got a static IP nic 2+3 are bond and bridged; switch is properly setup [switch:static-lag - unraid:round-robin] and this works until the server is rebooted, then the bond/I350-T2 won't come up automatically. I know of the concept of a server but however I can't always hookup a screen to start in the GUI to 'port-up'., and it's not the time yet for a kvm-switch. The host is temporarily in my home-office, but will move sooner or later, so I have to figure this out: There is a second card coming, the goal would be to bond all 5 together, and connect that to a 1/5/10G switch. So the cards are pcie_x2, fitted in a x1 slot, working perfectly: pc:pcie3_x1 / card:pcie2_x2 breakdown: 1 ethernet-port is at max. pulling 250MB/s (125MB/s upstream - 125MB/s downstream) so one card is pulling 0,5GB/s which is the max. of pci2_x1 I'd like to achieve that the ports stay up due reboots. 10G card isn't a solution due to no available slots left. > In the mainboard-bios I deactivated network-boot (as I've read it here somewhere) > I saw that the Intel-I350 has a bios splash-screen /CTRL+S/ entered, couldn't uncheck the possibility to 'pxe-boot'. So now I may got a hint, could flashing the card be a thing? Has anybody input how I could proceed, what to try next? This is driving me nuts. (Tagged the title appropriately so whoever comes after me has a better time finding a solution) Thanks in advance for any input! After this I'm sold to the pro-version PS: Will attach logs asap Kind regards