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  1. If you follow the details of the thread, my research shows the the problem is NOT SMB, the problem is the Unraid FUSE filesystem. Mount your SMB share under a user share (Unraid FUSE code in play), poor performance. Mount your SMB share under a disk share (no Unraid code), normal performance.
  2. For the time being I gave up on Unraid fixing this, I moved to Proxmox with ZFS: Removed link at the request of @limetech
  3. Seems like a lot of dangling volumes for the once or twice I changed a tag, and I can't control what the container authe does. Should these not be cleaned up the same way orphan containers are detected and cleaned? I'll delete them for now.
  4. I noticed that my server has many many dangling docker volumes: root@Server-1:~# docker volume ls --filter dangling=true DRIVER VOLUME NAME local 0ba5094dffcf33bd70ec9bb78ed0d3641a4fb64e0c791429b38df5153a66af50 local 0bae1eb00b48ae1ef5355af7dd7eca6f4f3ac13ce800b66a5102479a6859673c local 1c45b2c3475f654a3105aa0190e4afa61af2683a87969685e892246f54257d38 local 1eb893aac8214c83c0c1073958583c41566ef174421bc1b05da931ea37884e7a local 1fc2714cc077fec6a8bf8d73a9c6a0dcca5f2dca6e0eabb41accd94d043645d8 local
  5. Unfortunately not, but we (90266) only have about two months of 90F+ in my garage, rest of the year mid 70's. My garage is insulated and drywalled, I have a 24/7 extractor fan in the ceiling, I have 4 top mounted extractor fans on the rack, and SNMP and email alert environment monitoring in the rack. On really hot days I run a high speed floor fan and leave the garage door about 6" open. The biggest problem I have is when we park hot engine cars in the garage, the servers don't like that. I've trained the family to let the cars cool down before parking inside in the summer. I wi
  6. Hi, I'm wondering if BTRFS is the right solution for a resilient cache / storage solution? I run two Unraid servers, primary 40TB disk plus 2TB cache (4 x 1TB SSD), secondary 26TB disk plus 2TB cache (4 x 1TB SSD). On two occasions I've lost my entire Cache volume due one of the drives "failing". I say failing, but really both times it was my own fault, I didn't want to shut down, and I pulled the wrong drive, and immediately plugged it back in. But this is no different to a drive failing, or a connection failing. Pulling disks during certification of large resilient storage system
  7. How are your SSD's in the array? My understanding is that SSD's are not supported in the array, something to do with how parity calculations are done.
  8. My two servers are in a rack in my garage, I do all work remotely, BIOS updates, BIOS config, OS installs, boot media selection, etc. No need for keyboard or monitor, no need to physically go to the rack for software maintenance tasks. I would not use a mobo without IPMI support.
  9. When I installed the SAS3 cards, I figured I may just as well go with a SAS3 backplane. So I bought refurbished SAS3 backplanes and replaced my SAS2 backplanes, much cheaper compared to a SAS3 case. See:
  10. I use LSI-9340-8i, SM SAS3 backplane, and 4 x 860 Pro's in BTRFS cache in two Unraid servers. I won't call it a recommendation, but I've not seen errors with this hardware combo.
  11. I tested EVO 840, Pro 850 and Pro 860. Pro 860 works with LSI and TRIM. See:
  12. I am having a weird problem that I can't explain. I use HandBrakeCLI to convert a file \\server\share\foo.mkv to \\server\share\foo.tmp I rename \\server\share\foo.tmp to \\server\share\foo.mkv I store the \\server\share\foo.mkv modification time for later use. The \\server\share\foo.mkv attributes are read by MediaInfo, FFprobe, and MKVMerge. I come back later, and the stored time no longer matches the file modified time. No other apps are modifying the file, and I can't figure out why the modification time would change. I am running from Win10
  13. I have some code that uses dotnetcore filesystemwatcher to trigger when changes are made to directories. When the directory is a SMB share on Unraid, and changes are made from a docker container the underlying directory, the SMB share does not trigger the change. E.g. SMB share \\server\share\foo points to /mnt/user/foo Windows client monitors for changes in \\server\share\foo Docker container writes changes to /mnt/user/foo Windows client is not notified of the changes. Is this expected behavior with Samba on Linux (I did not test), or is this
  14. Seems highly unlikely that this is a LSI controller issue. My guess is the user share fuse code locks all IO while waiting for a disk mount to spin up.
  15. I noticed that existing SMB network IO will halt while a new disk spins up, even if that disk has nothing to do with servicing existing IO requests. E.g. start a ffmpeg encode session for source and destination media on the SMB network share, wait for other disks to spin down, ffmpeg chugs along, open file explorer and browse around the SMB filesystem, every time you hit a share with disks spun down there will be a delay while the disks will spin up, while the disks are spinning up ffmpeg transcoding halts until the disk is spun up. Expected behavior is that existing IO